Help IMBA protect trail access from coast to coast

A letter to MTB enthusiasts from IMBA:

What do you enjoy most about riding? Is it the thrill of rolling down the trail or the stunning beauty of the landscapes we ride through?

For me it’s both. Testing my riding skills on well-built trails is an amazing experience. And there’s something unique and magical about exploring nature from the seat of a bike. If you feel the same way, please help protect and improve access to trails ‘” learn more about IMBA’s Trail Access Fund.

We believe you should be free to ride and enjoy nature through responsible trail use.

Support better trail access now and we’ll send you a Protect and Ride T-shirt FREE with your gift of $35 or more. The two-sided t-shirt design is very popular so hurry, we are running out.

We will use your gift to work with land agencies, clubs, businesses and other outdoor groups to make sustainable mountain biking trails available to every American.

Be part of our 80,000-strong mountain bike movement. We’re united by the belief that getting more people riding is the answer to many of our country’s most pressing problems.

Help us save trails for tomorrow with a tax-deductible gift of $25, $75, $100 or more today.

Thanks in advance ‘” with your help we’ll protect the environment by getting more people out on bikes enjoying and respecting the natural world.


Jenn Dice, IMBA Government Affairs Director

P.S. Donors earn 20 percent off sweet gear at the IMBA store. Become an IMBA member for as little as $30 and save an additional 10 percent!


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