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Hempy’s offers a large variety of hemp products, all of which have been proudly made in the USA since 1995. We’re happy to showcase a few of the latest offerings, but suggest that you check out their site for the full product range. From hats and accessories to clothing to housewares to skin care, they have it all. Here’s a little something for your sweet tooth, season-appropriate clothing, and even a unique item for your home that celebrates the rich history of hemp in the United States.

hemp love chocolate from Hempy’s

First up is the hemp love artisan chocolate, an ideal dessert after any meal. Available in either milk or dark chocolate, they’re made with nothing but natural ingredients, and their environmental awareness even extends to the packaging. We’ve included the full ingredient list, along with suggested wine pairings.

hemp love Milk Chocolate (‘Hemp Cinnamon Muscovado’): Milk Chocolate & Candied Hemp Seed accented with Muscavado Brown Sugar & Sea Salt. Ingredients:  Couverture Milk Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, milk powder, vanilla, soy lecithin), Muscovado Brown Sugar, Candied Hemp Seed (certified organic hemp seed, cane sugar, molasses, olive oil), Cinnamon, Sea Salt.  Contains no GMOs.  May contain traces of tree nuts, peanut, dairy, egg, or gluten.  38% Cacao, 2 oz.  Wine pairing suggestion: Syrah or Tawny Port.

hemp love Dark Chocolate (‘Candied Hemp Seed & Sea Salt’): Dark Chocolate flecked with Lavender Herbed Sea Salt & Candied Hemp Seed. Ingredients:  Couverture Dark Chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, vanilla, soy lecithin), Candied Hemp Seed (certified organic hemp seed, cane sugar, molasses, olive oil), Lavender, Sea Salt.  Contains no GMOs. May contain traces of tree nuts, peanut, dairy, egg, or gluten.  61% Cacao, 2 oz.  Wine pairing suggestion: Malbec or Zin.

Hemp/cotton board shorts

Not strictly for surfers, board shorts provide style and comfort for warmer days. Hempy’s Classic Board Shorts are a mix of 55% hemp and 45% cotton muslin, which makes them soft yet long-lasting. Choose from olive with gray contrast stitching or chocolate brown with the tattoo trim and contrast stitching to match. Both are 20-3/4″ long with a velcro fly, drawstring closure, and a roomy pocket on the side that has a grommet plus a double velcro closure. Note that sizing is a bit limited. Made in the USA.


Hemp American flag

When this country was founded, hemp was an important crop due to its versatility. Requiring less water and maintenance than cotton, it naturally repelled insects and required no pesticides. Because the plants grew so densely, it choked out weeds, negating the need for herbicides as well. It also helped enrich depleted soil, making it a great crop to rotate each season. Hemp oil was used for lighting, and hemp fibers were essential for rope, clothing, and even paper. When Betsy Ross presented  her American flag to the founding fathers, it was constructed from durable hemp fibers. Now Hempy’s is offering a decorative version that’s 100% hemp, just like the original. While the silk-screening process might not be quite as authentic, the process utilizes environmentally friendly water-based inks.  Naturally, this 27.5″ x 14.5″ flag is American made.

We’re proud to share Hempy’s with our readers. Although the hemp has to be imported (due to ignorant US laws), they make everything stateside. So your purchase makes a contribution to the local economy, and keeps American workers employed. Just as important, consider some of the benefits of this natural fiber. All the hemp textiles, even hemp/cotton blends, are more durable than cotton alone, lasting longer and having less environmental impact all around. Skin care products made from hemp oils have nowhere near the environmental impact of fossil fuels, and are actually much better for us than those that are petroleum-based. Everyone wins with hemp.

– Brian

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Hey not to be a troll but at http://www.dracoshempemporium.com we carry hempys and feature free educational articles!


I meant to say we carry it at a discount and we are out of MN USA!

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