Here’s a sharp stick in the eye for ya!

No, not you. Almost anyone reading my blog can’t be bad.

This one’s for companies that are only in it for a buck. The big corporations full of people that don’t even own a bike, and the puppets that do their bidding. We know who they are. They know who they are.

I’ve run into them online, on their websites, on websites I’ve been a part of, and in person at various events. I’m normally not a negative person, but sometimes I have to get up here on my soapbox and vent a little. Cycling enthusiasts come in all sizes and flavors. From racers to commuters to those just out for exercise and family time, to the green hippie types that are concerned for the environment. Many fit in more than one of these categories, as well as others not mentioned. More importantly, they’re all good people, united by a common bond, whether they realize it or not. Which is why it sucks that there are companies out there who view them as nothing more than a pair of eyeballs, a hit on a page, or a pocket to be emptied in exchange for shoddy gear.

This summer, I want everyone to really give some thought to who they’re handing over their hard earned cash to. What have they done for you and cycling? Are they good for the environment like Chris King? Do they promote cycling like New Belgium? Do they make your ass happy like Pearl Izumi? Seriously, they’re your dollars. Make sure they’re going to companies that are looking after your best interests.

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