High Sierra Diplomat Lumbar Pack = No Neck Strain

High Sierra Diplomat

If you’re shopping for a backpack today, the options are nearly limitless. From tiny packs that hold only an afternoon’s essentials, up to huge packs for adventures spanning weeks or more, there’s something for everyone. But what if you can’t (or just don’t want to) wear a backpack? My wife has had a pain in her neck for nearly as long as I’ve known her. (Sure, it could just be me, but our car was rear-ended shortly after we started dating) Because of this, we went looking for a pack that would hold everything she needs for a non-overnight outing, without putting additional strain on her neck. The Diplomat lumbar pack from High Sierra seemed ideal, so when they offered one for review, of course we welcomed the opportunity to give it a try.

Vapel™mesh Airflow™padded back panel and waist wings

With two sizable main compartments and a smaller hinged front pocket, this handy top loader keeps things organized. Of the two larger pockets, one has a key fob which is handy for keys, but also worked well for her keeping her flashlight with a whistle attached easy to find. The other compartment has an internal pocket which can be used to keep items separated, but was intended for an MP3 player, as there is a headphone port as well. High Sierra provides a pair of half liter, BPA-free Tritan™water bottles, sized just right for the pockets on either side. Compression straps across the top make it easy to strap down a light jacket, or a helmet, if you’re using the Diplomat for cycling. The reflective blinkie loop is vertical, which may compromise visibility with some lights. Other than that minor oversight, the whole pack appears well made. Large zipper pulls can be used with gloves, and the contrasting Duralite material not only looks good, but has been treated for water resistance.

Here’s what our fearless reviewer had to say about it:

BPA-Free Tritan™500ml shatter-resistant bottles

I was very excited to hear that High Sierra was sending a day pack for me to try out.  About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with a bulging disk in my neck.  I’ve been trying to avoid having surgery, so finding gear that didn’t irritate my condition was a must.  When I saw the Diplomat Lumbar pack at High Sierra I thought to myself “What a great idea!” Wearing a backpack on my back with the straps on my shoulders was not going to happen for me, but wearing a pack on my lower back was the way to go. I just recently went camping with my daughter for a week and did a lot of walking and hiking. Never once did I have to worry about any pain in my shoulder and neck because the lumbar pack was so comfortable and easy to wear. I was also able to fit a lot of stuff in the compartments – first aid kit, pocket knife, sunscreen, aloe, my insulin kit, sunglasses, snacks for the hikes… I could go on, but you get the idea. Everything was easy to access, since the pack is not so big that things get lost in it. The side pockets for the water bottles came in handy as well, as I used one for water, and the other with a hydration mix.  The Diplomat Lumbar pack is really great for those who have neck or shoulder issues. I don’t know what I would’ve have done without it! My daughter was also a big fan of it too. I think we might have made a few people jealous, since it doesn’t leave your top damp with perspiration like some backpacks. For me, it’s a must-have piece of camping and biking gear. highsierra.com

– Mrs. Outsider

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