Hydro Flask Revisited

Back in April, we published a review of several different water bottles for hot and cold drinks. At the time of the review, we still had crappy cold weather in Utah, and probably still had some snow. Heck, we still have snow on the mountains in July.

Anyway, one of those was the Hydro Flask pictured below. It got high marks then, and has since spent plenty of time getting thrown around in a backpack, and banging around in a black leather saddlebag hanging a few inches over an uncorked Harley Davidson exhaust pipe in 90+  weather. In other words, it gets abused in the heat. And yet, it will keep your water icy cold all day. And I mean, all day.  If I put water and some ice in it before 6AM, and don’t finish the water, by the time I go to dump it into a house plant more than twelve hours later, it’s not just cold, but there’s still ice in it.  It’s showing a few battle scars, and the lid isn’t the most convenient thing to be unscrewing and screwing back on all day long, but it works well, and doesn’t leak. After some real-world testing, it certainly warrants a second mention.


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