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Trips for Kids (TFK) announces that its Founding Director Marilyn Price is a finalist for the national Volvo for Life Award and a potential cash prize of $100,000 for Trips for Kids. Organization patrons are encouraged to support Trips for Kids by casting their vote for Marilyn Price at http://www.volvoforlifeawards.com/cgi-bin/iowa/english/vote/quality/index.html.

Founded in 2002, the national Volvo for Life Award honors “real-life champions who are doing extraordinary work in their communities” by giving nearly $5 million in funding and awards. Online voting determines the winners in three categories – Safety, Quality of Life, and Environment. The top finalist in each category will win $100,000 for their cause. The two semifinalists will receive $25,000 each for their non-profit organization.

“The opportunity to receive the Volvo for Life Award is great way to bring attention to our organization and the importance of getting children outdoors,” said Marilyn Price, founding director of Trips for Kids. “The prize money would be a valuable asset as we continue to expand across the country.”

As athlete, teacher, community organizer, mentor, youth advocate and environmentalist, Price is being honored as a candidate in the Quality of Life category. Starting Trips for Kids in 1988, Price has been ahead of a growing national campaign to Leave No Child Inside.

Her enthusiasm has inspired hundreds of others to join her in taking inner city kids for mountain bike rides. While the flagship program is going strong in the Bay Area, there are now 57 similar Trips for Kids chapters across the country. Over 38,000 low-income youth in the United States and Canada have experienced the joy and challenge of a Trips for Kids mountain bike ride.

From now until January 7, 2008, individuals can log online and decide who wins the Volvo for Life Award. To support Trips for Kids, cast a vote online for Marilyn Price. Please be aware that any votes submitted from a Web browser that does not accept cookies will not be counted. For a complete list of rules, please see http://www.volvoforlifeawards.com/cgi-bin/iowa/english/rules/index.html.

The top candidate in all three categories will also receive a Volvo for life. Ironically, when Price started the organization twenty years ago, she would load her 1974 Volvo wagon with 11 mountain bikes (eight on top, two on back, and one inside!) and head out to the trailhead. There she would meet prearranged groups of inner-city kids and lead them on a mountain bike adventure.

For more information about the Volvo for Life Awards please visit www.volvoforlifeawards.com. For more information about Trips for Kids visit www.tripsforkids.org.

About Trips for Kids
Trips for Kids is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit based in San Rafael, California. Trips for Kids started in 1988 as a grass roots effort by avid mountain biker, environmentalist, and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee, Marilyn Price. Its programs give underserved youth a chance to experience the joy and challenge of mountain biking, while learning valuable life skills and an appreciation for the outdoors. There are currently 57 Trips for Kids chapters across the United Stated and Canada, with more on the way. For more information please visit www.tripsforkids.org.

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