I want one now!

I get all sorts of updates on Identiti Bikes through their myspace page. That’s fitting, since it suits their demographic, and it’s a relatively inexpensive (uh, free) way to get exposure and generate interest in their products.

So every once in a while, I wander over and have a peek at what’s new. Today, I saw this:

And in the words of drunken Homer Simpson, “Me want”. I’m slowly getting convinced that all anyone my age really needs is one gear and a sturdy fork offering a few inches of travel to take them back to the simpler days of their youth. Up until recently, I had a 20″ and 24″ BMX, (I still have the cruiser) but they lack front suspension. That’s fine for racing, but not so much for everyday bashing around.

This prototype P60 looks like just the ticket to replace half the bikes I own. I’ve got some friends that are into single speed MTBs, but the P60 looks like it would be more at home thrashing everything in sight from one end of town to the other. Which would suit me perfect, as winter is fast approaching where I live, and the trails will all be snow and mud soon.

Yeah, I want one now.

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With the 24″ wheels and fat tires would this be considered a small trials or a large BMX bike? I think I see a disc brake in the rear, but no brake lever or cables.

rudy and kay

Yipes, better have some short legs!

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