If you’re looking for another reason to join IMBA, here’s a bonus

Syncros Partners with IMBA to Support and Reward Mountain Biking Advocacy

Syncros provides discount product coupons to IMBA members and volunteers as rewards for creating, enhancing and preserving mountain bike trails around the world

SAN CARLOS, Calif. – Aug. 10, 2009 – Syncros Applied Technologies today announced its partnership with the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) to provide IMBA members and volunteers discount coupons for Syncros products as reward for their support of mountain biking communities and infrastructure.

Syncros, a bicycle component manufacturer known for its grassroots mountain bike heritage and pragmatic, indestructible components, will provide a 25 percent discount off Syncros products’ MSRP for IMBA members, a 40 percent discount for IMBA trail builders, and a 65 percent discount for IMBA member retailers that organize shop employees to work on an IMBA-sanctioned project.

“Syncros appreciates all of the time and resources that mountain bike enthusiasts give to help IMBA maintain the trails that we all benefit from riding,” said Steve Parke, general manager of Syncros. “We hope our partnership with IMBA will reinforce the Syncros brand as one that supports riders on their bikes and within their mountain biking communities.”

The Syncros discount coupons offered through this partnership will be distributed to members, volunteers and member retail shops through IMBA. Individual IMBA members will redeem their coupon discounts through an online code provided by IMBA on the password-protected portion of its Web site. Qualified IMBA trail-builders will receive their coupons through their local IMBA Team Captains. IMBA will distribute one-time-use discount coupons to its member retail shops participating in trail restoration projects. The Syncros coupons are redeemable through Syncros.com where orders placed will be fulfilled through Syncros in San Carlos, Calif.

“IMBA is supported by a grassroots network of members, so we really value the support of a grassroots brand like Syncros,” said Mike Van Abel, IMBA executive director. “It’s great to have a partner that keeps our member benefits program strong and robust.”

IMBA member retailers can submit their IMBA project proposals starting next month to the password-protected portion of IMBA.com. Project proposals should include:

  • Evidence of six hours of project work per team member
  • Team name, contact phone number, e-mail address and mailing address
  • The project’s “who, what, where, when, why, how”
  • Supporting photos, maps or other visuals

Creative proposals may be used on the Syncros Web site or for other promotional purposes.

About IMBA
Since 1988, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has created, enhanced and protected great trail experiences for mountain bikers worldwide. A group of California mountain bike clubs founded IMBA to develop and promote mountain biker-education programs and innovative trail management solutions. Now IMBA has members in each state of the U.S. and 40 other countries that annually contribute more than one million hours to trailwork projects on public land. To date, IMBA volunteers have created more than 5,000 miles (8,000 km) of new trails worldwide. More information about IMBA is available at www.IMBA.com.

About Syncros Applied Technologies
Canadian-based Syncros, known for its grassroots heritage and pragmatic, indestructible components, shares its roots with the very origins of mountain biking itself. Founded on ideas formulated in the back room of Vancouver’s Westpoint Cycles in the mid-1980’s, the company continues to serve the needs of hardcore, off-road riders. By the early 1990’s Syncros was the leading provider of high-end off-road bicycle parts and in 2003 was purchased by Ritchey Design. Ritchey Designs’ global infrastructure has allowed Syncros to return to its roots and provide components for the most serious XC, All Mountain, and Freeride enthusiasts. Please visit www.Syncros.com for more information about Syncros.

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