Igloo Does More Than Just Keep Your Beer Cold

Katy, Texas (September 15, 2011) -Following what has been described as the hottest Texas summer in decades, wildfires have claimed the lives of four people and more than 1400 homes in the worst fire season ever. Today Igloo Products Corp., a Texas company, has added to the outpouring of support by delivering a truckload of coolers to the West Texas town of Bastrop, about 25 miles from Austin. The truck is on its way from the company‘s headquarters in Katy, Texas and should arrive later today. The coolers, both water jugs and coolers, will be distributed by emergency agency personnel to firefighters on the line and to displaced citizens in need of water, food and medical supplies.

According to Igloo Chairman and CEO, Gary Kiedaisch, disasters like this create a wide range of needs. Few are more vital than keeping people hydrated, as well as maintaining safe temperatures for perishable food, so it‘s safer for consumption. “The fires in Texas have left more than 1,400 families homeless and burned an area of our state the size of Connecticut. The governor is marshalling all available resources to fight the fires and Texans from across the state are lending support.

“The immediate task of getting control of the fire will eventually evolve into a rebuilding effort. Our water jugs will hydrate the firefighters with clean drinking water kept close at hand as they work to control the fires. Our coolers will be used by those left homeless by the fire to start putting their lives back together. We hope our donation will help to ease the stress for both firefighters and survivors alike,” he said.

The donated Igloo coolers will bring cool, clean water to the fire line. Igloo coolers will provide a temperature stable storage environment for food, drink and medicine, says Larry Shine, Texas Interim Mass Care/VOAD Coordinator. “With so many buildings destroyed, some Texans will need a helping hand to start their recovery. The Igloo coolers will be vital in keeping the firefighters hydrated and the displaced people fed safely and well-hydrated during the rebuilding effort. It‘s nice to see fellow Texans helping their neighbors. We‘re most grateful.”

For more information on the Igloo contribution to the Texas Wildfire relief effort, contact Sue Miller Payton at smpayton@igloocorp.com


About Igloo:

Founded in 1947, Texas-based Igloo Products Corporation is today an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of outdoor products that make the outdoor experience more accessible and more fun. So whether it‘s on the water, near the water, on the trail, on the hunt, in the mountains or just around the house for family fun, Igloo goes where you go and makes the experience better. For more information on Igloo, visit the company’s Web site at www.igloocoolers.com.

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