Ignorance knows no bounds

So the Napa Valley Register published a little article about a druggie that happened to get popped while on his bike. He ran a stop sign, and got caught with some drugs and paraphernalia. Fair enough.

But in the reader comments, this caught my attention:

JimClark wrote on March 28, 2007 5:16 PM:
“Well, it would be easier if these suicidal morons were not allowed to peddle outside of the legal bike lanes.”

Way to go, painting us all with the same really big brush. Maybe Jim ought to take a look at the vehicle code. Cyclists have the same rights to the road as motorists. Will they ever learn?

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A few things.

Jim, and everyone else: bike lanes still have intersections, and those intersections are still the most dangerous place for a bicycle. Bicycle lanes are always a bonus, but their intended purpose is to provide a clearly defined space for both motorists and cyclists. It’s not to show where bikes should or should not go. How silly!

I don’t know why, but it seems like here in the USA, people, even avid weekend cyclists, don’t comprehend the transportation value of a bike.
I was talking to an old co-worker and let on that I use my bike (and public transit) to get to work. He seemed floored. He rides on the road every weekend with his wife and some neighbors, and sometimes they even stop somewhere for a smoothie or something while they’re out on their bikes. He never, ever thought to use his bike to get somewhere he NEEDED to be, though.


While full-time motorists complain about scofflaw bicyclists, it might be worthwhile to point to Streetsblog’s Weekly Carnage feature showcasing the best of driving in New York City.

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