I’m Doping

Not really, but I saw it on a t-shirt and thought it was funny.

Velotees is a company that prints t-shirts you probably won’t find at your LBS. They’ve got some cool designs that are a bit edgier than the usual fare, and are all printed on high quality cotton, not the cheap stuff.

The owner, Brad, is a member of BikeForums.net, and that’s how we met. I liked some of his designs so much, I decided to get a few to wear to Interbike. It was an easy decision, since I want to remain brand-neutral. I’m also running his banner here at no charge, since his business is just growing, and every little bit of exposure helps. I suggest you stop by and have a look once in a while, as we should see some new designs soon. (Nothing like a little pressure, hey Brad?)

Don’t forget that we need to support the little guys – that’s how they get to be big guys.

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I like that you give the “new guy” a leg up in the beggining. It’s what keeps BF alive, that kind of spirit.

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