Industry Veteran Tom Floyd Launches Phoenix Sports


Portland, Oregon (CFEpr+) February 1, 2012 – – Tom Floyd, the original Marketing Director of Fox Racing Shox has created a new breed of Made-In-America action sports companies with Phoenix Pro Sports. Starting with the advent of Phoenix Pro Scooters two years ago, Floyd’s latest endeavor brings him back to the bicycle world with Phoenix Pro Cycles.


“In 2008 my son got addicted to riding scooters, and I noticed a trend towards kids riding scooters in skate parks,” states Floyd. “When I saw what they were riding, I knew that we could create a much better product, utilizing my experience from the bike industry and the resources available in Portland.” Mechanical Engineers were hired to create Solid Works 3D models and to allow Finite Element Analysis strength and stress testing of a new deck design and six prototypes were made.  Phoenix brought those prototypes to a scooter contest where the top pros rode the decks. The riders were blown away by their performance, and instantly gave Phoenix credibility. The market solidly embraced the high-quality, ultra-performance, American-made Phoenix Decks, Bars, Forks, Wheels and  accessories, which continue to expand in offerings to the hard-core scooter enthusiast.


“As a former racer with kids, I know the values that can come from being involved with BMX,” continues Tom. “The immediate success of Phoenix Pro Scooters has now allowed me to create an American-based bike company. We’re just starting to ship frames out, and response has been stellar. We just started going to the big races and we’re already on the cover of the new USA BMX Rulebook!”

Tom was the owner of the legendary Cantina Mountain Bike Shop in San Diego, California and after selling the shop worked for Haro Bicycles and later FOX Racing Shox. Throughout his career, he had a long history of working with professional cycling athletes such as Mike King, Brian Lopes, Marla Streb, Scott Sharples and many others.


Phoenix’s new Talon frames are carefully handmade from aerospace grade 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy in Phoenix’s own facilities in Beaverton, Oregon to very precise tolerances. Compression forming technology, similar to that used by many high-end mountain bike brands was employed to give the ultimate in optimized strength-to-weight as well as a tuned ride.

In the past, many monocoque style BMX frames were criticized for being too stiff in the wrong places. With the aid of modern engineering software Phoenix engineers optimized the Talon’s strength-to-weight ratio and “tuned” the flex of the frame so that the rider experiences efficient acceleration along with unmatched steering  precision and balance.

Each frame is built in custom made fixtures to ensure proper alignment during each step of the hand TIG welding process. Frames are then solution heat treated, re-straightened and aged to true T6 hardness by a Certified Aerospace Metallurgist.

Frame geometry was carefully selected for each frame size with rider age-range, weight and projected skill level as the main criteria. Talon race frames will be offered in seven class and six cruiser sizes and will come in four anodized colors (black, blue, red, green) and white (powder coat). Frame weights will range from just over 2.5 lbs. (mini) to 3.75 lbs. (ProXXL).


Just like the scooters, the BMX frames are selling out as quickly as Phoenix can produce them. Contact Sales here, and call 503.626.6993 for more info. We look forward to serving your high-performance BMX and Scooter needs.

Like its mythical namesake, Phoenix Sports was born from decades of learning and trying different disciplines, culminating in the birth of this new entity by founder Tom Floyd. Starting with Phoenix Pro Scooters in 2008, leading to the creation of Phoenix Pro Cycles in 2011, both companies are a testament to years of arduous endeavors resulting in the birth of the Phoenix brand.

Look for Phoenix Pro Cycles and Scooters at the best BMX retailers in the country, and follow the Phoenix Pro Cycling Team in their distinctive Orange and Blue kit at the biggest and best races on the calendar. We look forward to providing you cutting-edge designs from the best bike builder in the USA – Phoenix Pro Cycles.

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Ryan Phillipp

Wooow! Im a 37yr old ex-racer… Im a Vintage BMX type of guy.. Only the Best of the Best… How ever, your Frame which i have recently discovered has by far taken the cake for sheer quality & Hype design. If i am fortunate enough to trip over some extra cash i will surely be building one up!!! I am seriously curious on what the approximate weight may be on a well built complete.. Im talk’n a 24″ with carbon forks & bars, titanium alumilite rims hollow axle hubs…Pretty much the whole nine yds… I could only imagine at around 15lbs?? I mean my vintage builds used to weigh in at around 23-25 lbs, with 4130 chromoly yada yada yada… Kudos on the offset relocated non-exsistant seat tube lol, and bolt on rear dropouts, At first i was like wait a minute…Wheres the dropouts?? Them i decieded to actually read the ad to find out where they were… I WANT ONE.. Love the gold – Also the pitted finish which reminds me of the old titans. Id love to hear back from you, Thanks for your time! ryan.

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