Intova Dub Action Camera

The Intova Dub action camera is designed to make memories without breaking the bank. With the invention of action cameras, more and more people are not only going on adventures but are are also recording them to share with friends or on the internet. The Intova DUB is a perfect solution for adventurers of any age to make some fun and awesome videos.

First and foremost, I’ll answer the burning question about resolution. Yes, it’s capable of recording in 1080p. It records in 1080p at 30 frames per second and records 720p at both 60 and 30 frames per second. The videos are recorded in MOV format making it easily upload directly to YouTube. MOV is also compatible with both Windows and Mac machines. It also features a 12 megapixel camera for taking photos.

Intova Dub Action Camera
Intova Dub Action Camera

Now with that out of the way, let me tell you about some of the really awesome features that this little powerhouse has. In addition to the specs I‘ve mentioned above, the DUB features an LCD screen for both previewing and playback of videos and photos. This option lets me see what I‘m recording, while recording, and lets me watch what I‘ve recorded when I‘m done.

It also has a lot of different recording modes. It’s capable of motion detection, slowmotion, and even time lapse. The Dub also has options such as white balance and stabilizer. There are plenty of settings from being able to turn off the sound it makes when pressing buttons, toggling the backlight on or off, and it even has power-saving features. That is a surprising number of functions for a camera in this price point, let alone a more expensive camera.  And we’re just getting started with all the cool stuff the DUB has.

Intova Dub Action Camera
Intova Dub Action Camera Mini HDMI Port

Even the camera mode is packed full of neat features, My favorite of these being photo burst. If the 12 megapixel setting is too high or you don’t have a large memory card and you want to fit  more pictures, you can set the camera mode to 8, 5, and 3 megapixel. It even has a delay timer. How cool is that? But wait, there’s more!  The Intova DUB also has a mini HDMI out. This means that with an additional cable, I can connect my DUB directly to my TV and watch what I‘ve recorded on it. No downloading no re-encoding.

As for memory, it has a standard micro SD slot and supports up to 32 gigabyte SD cards. It does not have internal memory. In regards to audio quality, the DUB has the typical muffled sound when recording while inside the housing.  However, when removed from the housing, the audio quality is great.

Intova Dub Action Camera
Intova Dub Action Camera Waterproof Housing

While the the camera is not waterproof, the housing it comes with is waterproof for up to 200 feet. I believe that’s pretty standard with most action cameras.   Something that is not standard with most action cameras is the fact that housing floats. Yes, that means that if I am kayaking and my DUB falls overboard, I‘m not going to lose it in the depths of the lake. The housing‘s buttons are pretty big and easy to press even with gloves on too. The buttons are clearly marked on the housing as well.

Lastly, Intova  added ¼” threads to both camera and to the housing. Meaning that the DUB can mount to any standard camera tripod or other standard camera equipment.  It also means that with a  ¼” threaded-to-GoPro adapter, you can also use any of the accessories and mounts design for GoPro cameras.

Now it has to be said that the DUB does have the fisheye effect like many action cameras do, and as mentioned above you will need an adapter to use mounts and accessories designed for a GoPro. I also found that the quality to be just a little bit grainy. Not enough to break the bank, but it should be mentioned anyway.

It’s hard to believe that so many features can be found in a camera that comes in just above the $100 price point. This makes it a great buy for families, Scouts and your weekend adventurers. You don‘t have to justify the cost of more well known action cameras and don‘t need to risk buying a cheap knock-off. Just a great price and a great camera. Go make some memories.


For more information:

MSRP: $119.99


Thank you to Intova for providing the DUB for this review. I love having risk-free kayaking adventures now, and my 9 year old loves it too.
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Oh snap! I’m putting this on my wish list!


There’s a lot of value packed into that little camera. It’s great for anyone just getting into action cameras, and priced low enough you’d trust your kid with it too.

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