Islabikes Launches the All-New Beinn 27

Versatile Children’s Bike with Size-Appropriate 27.5″ Wheels for Older Children

If you’re serious about getting your pre-teen into road cycling, Islabikes has just the bike for you. Well, for your child. They just launched their new Beinn 27. As the name suggests, the new Beinn features a 27.5” wheel size, which is a first in this category.

Islabikes All-New Beinn 27
Islabikes All-New Beinn 27
Their Beinn 27 replaces the Beinn 26 Large as Islabikes‘ all-rounder aimed at ages 10+. The geometry of the Beinn 27 has been adjusted to provide the same stand-over height as the Beinn 26 Large. But first, they used the new wheel size as a starting point. Bigger wheels coupled with the low standover gives riders more speed and stability when the going gets bumpy.This is in line with Islabikes‘ philosophy of getting riders on the biggest wheel size possible to gain the best advantage. As with all models in the Beinn range, the Beinn 27 is incredibly versatile. Options include full fenders, luggage rack and a host of other accessories creating limitless possibilities for young cyclists.

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Islabikes was founded in 2006 by renowned, British bicycle designer, Isla Rowntree. She’s one of the few female designers in the industry. The company has single-handedly redefined the notion of a child‘s bicycle. Their products exhibit an unparalleled depth of design detail. An Islabike gives a child a head start in cycling from learning balance to full-on racing performance. Isla Rowntree is well-known and respected within the cycling industry. Not just as an accomplished frame builder and designer, but cyclist too. The company believes the bicycle is an essential part of society -from a child‘s first independent means of transport to a profound role in the sustainability of our planet.

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