It’s a great time to be a cyclist

The market used to be all about the lastest and greatest for cyclists seeking the most performance. Not that many years ago, Shimano give us the 9 speed for our mountain bikes, and now you can get a 10 speed cassette from Shimano or Campagnolo for your road bike. Carbon fibre and titanium are no longer considered exotic. And now at least one company is offering a beach cruiser with a CVP (Continuously Variable Planetary drive).

But what about the casual cyclist that wants something cool, fun, and comfortable? Something for commuting, or just transportation, that’s stylish and affordable? Well, Electra seems to know a thing or two about style and fun. My wife has the Rosie, and I have the Jester, and they suit us well for Sunday afternoon casual rides. A bike with a 24×3 tire is not the first choice for commuting though. So Electra offers the Amsterdam.

700X38C tires on alloy rims, a 3 speed Nexus hub, and very cool extras like fenders, an enclosed chain guard, mud flap, coat/skirt guards, and factory designed generator, lights, and rack make for one pretty cool ride. For the ladies, there is even the option of a step through frame. Between the Classic and the Sport, there are colors to please most cyclists. Another appealing option for someone something different. Check out for more information and the full specs.

This is indeed a great time to be a cyclist. Whether you’re just looking for a bit of excercise, or a dedicated commuter or racer, there is something out there for everyone.

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Step-through frames aren’t just for ladies anymore. Old people who don’t like to swing a leg over the top tube like step-throughs also.

It’s exciting seeing these types of bikes “for the rest of us” getting introduced and marketed.


You are right, it is an exciting time. I love seeing such a variety of transit oriented bikes on the market in the US. The more people on bikes, the better it is for all of us.

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