Never too cold to ride?

Ok, maybe today was. Went for a little spin in the snow this morning. When the thermometer is reading 1 degree, and snow is falling lightly, that’s when you should be home drinking hot cocoa in front of the fire, not heading to the store to pick up a gallon of milk. All those snowflakes striking my face with an unexpected sting really put a damper on any fun I might have had. But I made it there and back without spilling myself or the milk. I don’t expect to be posting too much more about my own winter riding, at least not until the daytime temps get back above 20 or so.

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Get on your Tacx trainer ya lazy bum! Hook it up to a generator that powers the missus’ foot warmers for best value. Nothing like the missus cold toes to encourage you to sprint! 🙂

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