I’ve gotten fixed

Looking at my current stable of two-wheeled toys, it was apparent that road bikes were woefully under-represented.

Since I don’t much appreciate the harsh ride that modern aluminum bikes offer, even with carbon forks, I knew I’d need to find something in steel. And although I’ve ridden everything from downtube-mounted Sachs Huret friction shifters, right up to the newest Shimano STI, I’m not the kind of rider that chases the latest and greatest in geared bikes. Nope, I was looking for a simple, lightweight bike with a flip-flop hub that would give me the choice of a fixed gear or single speed. And the Wabi Cycles Classic fit the bill perfectly.

It’s going to be my winter bike and long-term rolling test bed for various goodies. Look for a comprehensive review shortly. I just need to take some photos and polish up my words a bit.

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Yokota Fritz

Well well well!

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