Sounds Like a Superhero, Looks Like A Rocket, Performs Like A Champ – The Jetboil Flash

One of the qualities we appreciate most is innovation. Between trade shows, our local shops, and the internet, we get exposed to plenty of gear. But it’s the companies that seek to continuously improve both their quality and features that hold our attention the longest. Jetboil is one of those companies, and their Flash™stove has become one of our favorite pieces of camping gear.

Whether you’re camping solo or with a partner, and want to travel light, the Flash™is hard to beat. Three staff members took turns with it, and we all agree that it’s compact to store, easy to set up and take down, and more than efficient enough for our needs. The gas canister and base, burner with built-in ignitor, and extra base (for when you’re using a pan or something other than the cooking cup) all stow neatly inside the one liter cup. The bottom cover also does double duty as a measuring cup.  Setup is as simple as dumping it all out, unfolding the tripod base and snapping the gas canister onto it, then threading the canister into the burner. The first couple of times, we forgot to flip the wire for the gas control out, but that only takes a few seconds to rectify. Once the burner assembly is ready to go, just twist the cup base into it, and it locks in place. Open the gas valve, click the igniter, and in a few minutes you’ll have two cups of boiling water. You’ll know when the water is ready not just by the rapid boiling, but by the color-changing window on the insulating sleeve included with the cup.

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Jetboil obviously spent a lot of time designing this product to be safe as well. The tripod base folds up for storage, but provides plenty of stability. The twist to lock interface between the cup and burner helps prevents spills (and burns). The strap on the cozy means that hands of all sizes can carry it more securely, and the drink-through lid minimizes your chances of dumping two cups of hot liquid onto yourself.

Overall, it’s a well thought out design that does everything we asked of it, and includes the kind of features that we can’t help but appreciate.  The ease of use and reliability  also make it a winner with this crew.

If your needs are more than a one liter system can deliver, Jetboil also offers the two liter Helios, and even an optional three liter pot. You can see them all at

– Brian

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