KEYKLIPZ Titanium Keyrings

KEYKLIPZ: Titanium Keyrings / Key Carabiners

With only about a week to go, the KEYKLIPZ Kickstarter campaign has been more than fully funded. But we wanted to share this with our readers, as it’s not too late to get in on this one. And there is a certain appeal that many of you will like.


KEYKLIPZ are brought to us by Bico Australia. They took a look at a common item we probably all have and carry – the keyring, and decided to address the design flaw in an artistic way. These titanium keyring/carabiners are practical and easy to use, yet are almost like little works of art. Is that hype? I don’t think so. But first, let me address the logic behind the design features they all share. Your typical split ring keyring is durable and secure. So secure, most of us have trouble getting our keys on and off of one. And even then, we need to attach that ring to something else, so that we can clip it to our pants, purse, or whatever. A carabiner works well, and looks cool too. But unless it’s an actual carabiner for climbing, the spring is weak. Not so secure. Why not make a carabiner that easily clips on, makes it a breeze to add or remove keys, and looks good too? That’s the KEYKLIPZ.


They start with titanium, the sexiest of metals. It’s light. Springy. Because it can flex and return to its original shape, you can make a carabiner out of it that has no moving parts, just one that bends, and bounces back. Clipping it to anything is easy. And putting a key on it is as simple as pushing down, and sliding the key on. There is even a secondary bar inside that provides extra security, so your keys don’t come off until you want them to. Press that down, open the gate, and your key comes right off, with no broken nails, and no swearing. Cool stuff.


Now for the art part. KEYKLIPZ are available in four shapes – the Heart (above, right), Cross, standard “Tear Drop” carabiner, or the “Opener”, a carabiner with built-in bottle opener. And then there are two different finishes. “Stone Tumbled” pieces are acid washed, then put in a tumbler. This gives them a nice grey color and pleasing finish. The “Hand Brushed” effect takes that a step further, and each piece is carefully sanded to a bright, but not polished, finish.

I think the Kickstarter results speak for the popularity of them already. If you want to get your own KEYKLIPZ, you’ve still got a few days to back them, be one of the first to get theirs, and even save a bit of cash. They ship worldwide, and the more you pledge, the better deal you can get. Read the full details on them here.

– Brian

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