Korkers Apex Ice Cleats and Ultra Ice Cleats Get a Grip

Korkers has been around for quite a while, around 50 years in fact.  Click HERE for a quick read of the company history.  Korkers makes winter  fishing boots with a unique interchangeable sole.  The same pair of boots use soles with or without spikes to get traction on slippery surfaces.  Korkers also makes products that fit over the footwear that you already own.  They sent over two of these products for testing.  So far I‘ve only been able to see how easily they fit over my shoes and boots and check out their construction.  I‘ll have to test them on the ice later this winter.

Korkers Apex Ice Cleats
Korkers Apex Ice Cleats

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The Apex Ice Cleats are a non-adjustable product that fits over boots or shoes. The main body of the cleats is a heavy duty stretchy rubber.  Size medium fits a 5 to 8 shoe size and the large is for use with sizes 9 to 14. I wear size 11 boots and the Apex Ice Cleats fit every pair of footwear that I‘ve tested. Twenty saw-tooth style spikes embedded in the rubber framework give grip.  Korkers says they have a patent pending design that allows the cleats to be mechanically bonded to the rubber so they won‘t turn loose. The Apex Ice Cleats weigh 13.5 ounces per pair and have an MSRP of $39.99.

Korkers Ultra Ice Cleats
Korkers Ultra Ice Cleats

Find them on Amazon!

The Korkers Ultra Ice Cleats are a one size fits all solution, and Korkers says you can use them with everything from boots to trail shoes.  The fit of the Ultra Ice Cleats is adjustable using a system at the rear of the cleats.  On both sides, rubber straps with holes match to posts on a heel section.  Two cone shaped posts on each side stick through the holes in the straps to hold the parts in place.  The rubber frame is a bit thinner than the Apex Ice Cleats, so the total weight per pair is 7.2 ounces.  Sixteen steel studs placed under the toe, heel and ball of the foot grab on to the ice.  The Ultra Ice Cleats pack down pretty small so you could keep them stored in the car or in a pack.  These sell on the Korkers website for $24.99.


Click HERE to visit the Korkers website and check them out.  They offer boots for fishing, winter, and work as well footwear accessories.  Thanks to Korkers for sending the Apex Ice Cleats and Ultra Ice Cleats over for a review.  I‘ll be using them this winter for sure.

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