Wiley X Ignite Sunglass Review

With their new Ignite, Wiley X manages to hit many important points for sunglass consumers. Besides being lightweight and stylish, they offer several levels of protection. Their MSRP of $80.00 doesn’t hurt either. After spending some time with a pair, I’ve found them to be ideal for both working and playing outdoors, as well as casual use.

Sun protection is a given. The Ingite sports distortion-free lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection. Made from Selenite, these shatterproof lenses also meet ANSI standards*, just like safety glasses. They’ll maintain that protection and durability, thanks to their T-Shellâ„¢coating, which resists scratches. Extra protection from stray light and flying debris is provided by the wraparound frame’s height. A rigid case and leash cord make them harder to lose or break. Finally, you can keep them clean with the included microfiber lens cloth.

Wiley X Ignite Sunglasses
Wiley X Ignite Sunglasses

For me, sunglasses are like pocket knives – I can never have enough. That’s because I prefer different ones for different activities. Polarized for fishing, and winter sports. Light, but with good peripheral vision for hiking. Prescription lenses for driving and bike riding (the Ignite is Rx ready). When it comes to yard work, or shooting sports, I want the kind of protection the Ignite offers. At that point, it’s not just the sun’s rays, but physical objects that threaten my vision. It also doesn’t hurt that this “Black Ops” frame and lens combo is pretty stealthy. If you’re the kind of operator that likes to operate operationally, they’re for you. But they’ll suit legit military and LEO users too.

Wiley X Ignite Sunglasses
A rare photo of the author, with his Wiley X Ignite Sunglasses

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Most of us are not currently serving in Afghanistan. But we do have to mow the lawn on weekends. And if you take pride in your yard, you’ll hit the corners and the trees with your string trimmer. Then you’ll run your edger around it to finish it off. This activity represents a clear and present danger to your eyes. And the Ignite owns that battlefield. When you’re done, kick back and enjoy a cold one, while soaking up some rays. And look good doing it.

My grey lens/matte black frame combo sports 15% light transmission. If you prefer the polarized blue mirror lens version, their light transmission is 12-15%. Either pair looks good though, although the blue lens version has a higher MSRP – $130.00. Both versions are sized for medium to large heads. I’m not sure where I fall on that scale, but they fit perfect. Overall, they’re a solid choice for anyone that works hard, plays hard, and needs some low-key style to match. Check them out, along with the rest of the glasses, at wileyx.com.


I’d like to thank Wiley X for sending me their WX Ignite for this review. When it comes to overall protection, I feel they’re the best value in sunglasses, so I’m always happy to share them with our readers.

*ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Standards. Also OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) Standards.

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