The Lander Timp Messenger Bag

The Lander Timp Messenger Bag arrived at my doorstep a few weeks ago.  Lander is a relatively new company based in Utah, and has recently expanded their lineup with the Timp backpacks and the messenger bag.  I‘ve put the Timp messenger bag through its paces since it arrived.

For work, I travel a bit and need to carry around my laptop, some fairly bulky notebooks full of documents, office supplies, and just general stuff.  The Timp Messenger Bag has a padded compartment in the back for the laptop.  My older 15 inch Dell Latitude laptop fits inside the bag with room to spare.  I had to upgrade to a huge 17 inch machine that has a full keyboard with number pad.  This laptop is huge and is an inch or two too wide to fit in the Timp Messenger Bag.  That machine really is big and I don‘t carry that laptop every day.  Padding in the laptop sleeve is good and a soft fuzzy material is used for the lining.

The front compartment of the Timp Messenger Bag offers quite a bit of space.  Specifications on the bag state that the capacity is 20 liters.  I‘m not sure how that breaks down by compartment but the majority of the space is in the front.  Nice organizational pockets are provided and a detachable loop for keys, thumb drives or other items is there.  There is plenty of space for a change of clothes you want to use the messenger bag to commute to work.

Timp Messenger Bag From Lander
Timp Messenger Bag From Lander

The shoulder strap offers plenty of adjustability.  I am just over six feet tall and there is plenty of adjustment left when the strap is adjusted for me.  Nice triangular carabiners allow easy removal of the strap.  A daisy chain on the front of the bag is there to attach something like an ID tag, or maybe a water bottle.  Four haul handles, one on each side, are provided so grabbing onto the Timp Messenger Bag is no problem.

The Lander Timp Messenger Bag offers quality rugged construction.  A coated rip stop front panel is used to prevent tears and provide water resistance.  The material feels pretty thick and tough.  Reflective ILLUMAWEAVE™accents add some night time visibility.  The back panel offers good padding with breathable mesh covering for quick drying.  A center channel helps with airflow and cooling.  Weather resistant zippers are used to keep out the elements.  Easy-to-grab zipper pulls make opening the bag easy.

Timp Messenger Bag From Lander
Timp Messenger Bag From Lander


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To test how weather resistant the bag really is, I hosed it down with my shower for five to ten minutes.  All sides of the bag were thoroughly wetted.  A little water did get into the bag.  The moisture was found in the bottom and seemed to enter at the bottom of the back panel.  Aside from an extended time in a downpour, everything should stay dry inside the bag.  Lander says the bag is weather resistant, not waterproof, so the Timp Messenger Bag performed just as it should.

The Lander Timp Messenger Bag has an MSRP of $99.99.  Good looks, quality rugged construction, and good weather resistance make this bag a good buy.  Click here to visit Lander’s website.

– Mark

I‘d like to thank Lander for sending out the Timp Messenger Bag for review.  We at Industry Outsider have budgets just like everyone else.  Being able to review great gear like this, and pass along information lets us pay it forward and hopefully benefits everyone.

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I recently got a messenger bag made by another company. Looks like I might have been wearing my wrong from the way your pictures are displayed.

Any discomfort if you pack the bag a bit full? Any movement on your back or feeling like you need to slide it to one side?

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