Las Vegas PD

I spent the last week in Las Vegas with my wife, and couldn’t help but notice the cops on bikes. The ones I saw were on flat black Cannondales, with some mods for police duty. While I commend them for riding in 100+ weather with kevlar under their bright yellow shirts, some of their actions disappointed me. They were threading between cars, then lining up three abreast at lights, and probably made better time than even the most determined cabbie. (We saw a taxi mini-van mount the curb and make a right turn on the sidewalk) But they rode right past a disabled vehicle blocking a lane and causing congestion as well as an unsafe situation, yet they didn’t bother to stop and push it off the street, or even radio in for assistance.

To me, that was clearly a failure to perform their duties when it comes to public safety. Just as bad, they missed a great PR moment – what could be better than three bicyclists (cops, even) pushing a dead car out of traffic? Hopefully, that was an oversight, and they normally do something besides harass drunks and pose for photos with tourists. But don’t let a few bad cops on bicycles spoil your plans to visit the newer, cleaner Las Vegas. Click here to check out an interesting Las Vegas hotel wedding package.

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