I’m honestly surprised at how much power is packed in the F1R flashlight from LED LENSER. With it, you get up to 1,000 lumens of output in a light that can fit in your pocket. But the F1R is not just about high output, there is much more to it than that.

Size and weight: At 4.53 inches (115mm), the F1R takes up very little room in your pocket, purse, backpack, nightstand, desk, or glovebox. And it weighs on 4.23 ounces (120 grams), so you won’t mind carrying it around all day. And night.

Output and run times: That 1,000 lumen output is available for up to three hours between charges. There is a middle setting of 250 lumens, which provides a more than reasonable 6 hour run time. On the low 10 lumen setting, it will run for up to 60 hours.

LED LENSER F1R LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Battery and charge time: Those run times are all due to the included 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery. It takes 7 hours to get a full charge in the included USB charging dock.

Water resistance: With an IPX8 rated waterproof housing, a little rain or snow will not harm your F1R. It’s good for up to 2.5 meters under water.

Accessories: LED LENSER includes the battery and USB charger, silver and black glass-breaking bezels, pocket clip, spare o-ring, cleaning brush and cloth, plus a lanyard, in a cardboard gift box.

LED LENSER F1R LED Rechargeable Flashlight w/USB charger

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The F1R feels very solid, despite the low weight. It lights up for a moment when you tap it, or stays on with a click. Tap or click on the tail cap switch 1, 2, or 3 times to cycle through the brightness levels. One nice feature is that 8 taps, then a click, allows you to change the default order from hi, med, lo, to lo, med, hi. So if you don’t need all 1,000 lumens every time you turn it on, set it up to give you 10 lumens on the first click. Instead of a zoom head, the reflector creates a central bright spot, with a nice halo around it. So you can see what you are pointing it at, as well as off to either side. Inside, there is some fancy temperature regulation to keep it running bright and cool at the same time. Outside, the tail cap has five sides, to keep it from rolling away. A quick search of some flashlight forums confirms that LED LENSER is well respected, especially for the color of the LED output, which is nice and white, not the blue or yellow of other brands. I have used this light to find things around the house, scan the far corners of my yard, and tested it across a public park as well as up in our famous Utah mountains. It will throw a beam far enough to be used for wildlife spotting on camping trips, yet still fits in your pocket. The rechargeable battery is a bonus too. As for quality, LED LENSER offers a 5 year warranty, so clearly they are confident in this light. Check it out at ledlenserusa.com

– Brian

I’d like to thank LED LENSER for providing their very small and capable F1R for this review.

At about 40 feet, the beam has a central bright spot just under 15 feet across. To the naked eye, the edges are brighter than they appear in this photo.
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That looks awesome! Any pics of it lighting up the night?


It seems pretty good. But the price is little expensive. I think i should give it a try.


This 1000 lumen flashlights used to save me from a dog cuz it was bright enough to blind a hunting dog.

Dan Rivers

I bought the Olight S2 Baton and not this one simply because of the price. The S2 Baton’s build quality is top-notch and it is very compact and much lighter compared to the F1r. Sure, Olights are made in China but you won’t feel that it is made in China once you hold it and use it. The beam profile is almost the same with the F1r and runtime on the lowest mode (1 lumen) is ridiculously long. Anyway, thanks for this review.

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