Lennard Zinn Updates Bestselling Mountain Bike Maintenance Book

Boulder, CO, USA – November 9, 2010 – Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance is the world’s best-selling book on mountain bike care and repair for good reason: it covers every procedure to repair, maintain, tune, or upgrade a mountain bike in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. Weighing in at a whopping 464 pages with 600 illustrations, this new fifth edition offers total coverage of all the newest mountain bike tech without neglecting tried-and-true components. Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, 5th Ed. is now available in bookstores, bike shops, and online. Readers can preview the book’s table of contents and its entire index at www.VeloPress.com/Zinn.

With Zinn’s book, anyone can properly maintain, tune, fix, or upgrade a mountain bike to ensure years of trouble-free riding. Newcomers and experienced mechanics alike will benefit from complete instructions for basic and advanced repairs, exploded views of how parts go together, time-saving tips, and smart recommendations from Lennard Zinn, America’s leading expert on bikes.

“Understanding the mechanics of your bike, knowing how to adjust it to suit your riding style, and knowing how to keep it running smoothly are essential to your mountain biking performance. Nobody teaches these skills better than the famous artiste ‘Leonardo da Zinnski.'” – Ned Overend, World and National Mountain Bike Champion

Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, 5th Ed offers total mountain bike coverage:

* The basics: simple instructions for regular maintenance, how to choose and fit a bike, full coverage of cross-country, hardtail, full suspension, downhill, and hybrid bikes old and new
* Advanced repair: integrated-spindle cranks, clipless pedals, suspension forks, internal headsets, hydraulic brakes, hub and cassette overhaul, and much more
* New tech: the newest components including BB30, BB92, PF24 cranksets, inertial valve suspension forks, air sleeve rear shocks
* Problem-solving: for frozen parts, stripped threads, missing pieces
* Wheels: wheelbuilding and general maintenance and repair; tubeless tires, sealant systems, flat repair, tire sizing and choice
* Complete reference: glossary of bike terms, specifications for bolt tightening, gear chart for 26- and 29-inch wheels, and a comprehensive troubleshooting index

Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, 5th Ed.
by Lennard Zinn, Illustrated by Todd Telander
Paperback. 2-color interior. Over 600 illustrations.
8 ½” x 11″, 464 pp., $24.95, 978-1-934030-59-2

Lennard Zinn was a member of the U.S. national racing team and has been riding and fixing bikes for nearly 50 years. A professional frame builder and bike designer, Lennard is also the technical writer for VeloNews magazine and Singletrack.com and hosts the popular Q&A column on VeloNews.com. His other books include Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance, Zinn & the Art of Triathlon Bikes, Zinn’s Cycling Primer, The Mountain Bike Performance Handbook, and The Mountain Bike Owner’s Manual. He lives and works in Boulder, Colorado.

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