Light & Motion -20 Year Anniversary

I’ve got one of their lights, and based on quality and performance, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to get this press release today:

September 16, 2009, Monterey, CA -Light & Motion -20 years in the light business.  That‘s right, 20 years!  What can we say?  We love lights.

Light & Motion is a business that has pioneered cutting edge products for 20 years. Lights designed by users, built by users.  Continuing to strive and achieve, pushing boundaries, grounded in quality, value and community.  Our company was founded by the absolute drive to build a great light that could illuminate a reef 200 feet below the surface.  Since then, we have pioneered lights with tailored beam patterns that are the industry standard for divers and cyclists.

Designing a better light system isn‘t just about adding MORE light, but rather, putting clean, even light where you need it.  Other light companies talk about raw output, but a well tailored beam pattern is critical to high-quality light output -and the beam pattern is a direct result of the reflector.  At Light & Motion, reflectors are one of our core competencies.  Our reflectors were a fundamental part of the first Light & Motion product and we are proud to say that they are still an integral part of our products 20 years later.

In our 20 years in business, things have certainly changed. Super bright LEDs are quite new and they have changed the game by delivering significantly more light, using less power.  Gone are the days of breakable bulbs and watt-rated brightness.  LEDs are more sophisticated and require more precise measurement.  The test results show that our products deliver more light to the trail than our competition.  An independent testing laboratory took these measurements using calibrated instruments.  To measure light output, a tool called an integrating sphere is used.  This sphere is required to test the lights to an NIST standard.  The computer attached to the integrating sphere does a mathematical computation to tell you how many lumens your light is actually producing.  When you look at our charts, the area under the curve is how bright the light is.  More area, more light.  Check it out at!

Being a small business in this global economy is not easy, but our Kaizen approach to business has been recognized with several industry awards, including the Monterey County “Green Business Award”, the California WRAP (Waste Reduction Award Program) Award, and the 2008 California Small Business of the Year Award.  We talk the talk and walk the walk.  Living and working at the edge of the sea in Monterey, California, we are proud to enable human powered adventure from our extensive marine sanctuary to the trails of Big Sur and the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Light & Motion is a leader in the field of high performance lighting.  We have seen the competition come and go and we‘re still here.  Resilient and cutting edge, just like our lights.

Light & Motion -Lights that bring us to places we would otherwise never be.  Come ride with us!

About Light & Motion:

Founded in 1989, in Monterey, California by dive enthusiasts, this vertically integrated manufacturing company creates world-class sport-specific products, including dive lights and bike lights and still designs and builds them in California.

Light & Motion received the California 2008 Small Business of the Year award and has received the WRAP and Green business awards for their conservation efforts and business practices.

Light & Motion Lighting Systems are available nationwide through its network of independent retailers. More information about the company can be found on their web site at
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