Light & Motion, plus a giveaway winner

At the Light & Motion booth, Rebecca Rusch and Nat Ross were answering questions and giving away all sorts of swag.

It was quite informative, and they really do have some excellent products. If you’re into night rides, 24 hour racing, or just want to extend your daylight a bit, go check out their website, as there’s some sweet gear, and it’s all very well designed.

I learned that the Stella 180 L puts out about twice as much light as the comparable single-LED systems currently available. Their clever engineers and designers managed to squeeze 180 lumens of ultra-white light, and run times of more than 5 hours on the highest setting, out of a light system with a total weight of 300g. They even include both a bar mount and a helmet mount.

Here’s a photo of the chump that won, flanked by Rebecca and Nat:

I spoke to a lot of people at Interbike, and some were more friendly than others. Rebecca and Nat seem like the kind of people that are totally stoked to ride, and genuinely happy to represent not just their sponsors, but the cycling industry. Our sport could use more riders like them.

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