Limar 777 Road Superlight Helmet

Limar 777 Road Superlight Helmet

Limar offered to send over one of their 777 helmets for review so I happily got to the business of testing. My big head measures 24 inches around and so I asked for the large. Limar sent over a large in the white/silver color scheme which I liked right away. White helmets are the norm because I think they offer better visibility and seem to be a bit cooler temperature wise. The splash of the greyish silver accents adds some nice contrast and the look is great.

Out of the box, my Limar 777 helmet weighed about 251 grams which is a bit lighter than the listed weight of 260 grams for the size large. The helmet has 24 vents for airflow and has a very nice pad on the chin strap held in place by a Velcro closure. Padding inside the helmet is minimal but good. I might prefer a bit larger pad on the forehead just to help keep sweat out of the face. Bug netting is molded into the front vents of the helmet. I can‘t remember how many times a beetle, June bug, or other insect has flown into my helmet and started crawling around in my hair. The netting prevents carrying glasses in the front vents of the helmet, but I‘ll take the bug protection over that convenience.

Limar 777 Road Superlight Helmet

Limar says the 777 in large will fit a noggin between 57 and 62 centimeters. This helmet fits my head well. Riding around with temps in the 90‘s, I was never bothered by the helmet and really never thought about it being on my head. I think that‘s enough said right there. My head is more oval rather than round so keep that in mind if you have a round head. The 777 is fitted with Limar‘s Competitition+ adjustment system. A rubberized knot is twisted to tighten up or loosen the fit of the helmet. The adjustment system can be placed in 4 different vertical positions for comfort and fit. A plastic cradle runs all the way around the circumference of the helmet. I find that this feature makes for a more even tightening of the fit system. Instead of only front to back pressure which can press the helmet onto the forehead, the plastic ring more evenly distributes the load. The chin straps are nice and light. Adjustments are made in the usual way with the straps passing through one side of the buckle. The normal adjusters under the ears are there and work fine. I really like the pad on the chin strap. I often get a heat rash under my chin if I‘ve shaved recently and the pad seems to ease that a bit for me.

The Limar 777 Road Superlight meets the world‘s three toughest safety standards. I don‘t plan to do a crash test of the helmet, but I feel confident that the protection is there. Some of my and my friend‘s first comments on the helmet were that there didn‘t seem to be a lot of helmet there. I‘ll say the coverage seems to be a bit less than some helmets that I‘ve worn. Limar must have put a lot of time into the design to meet the safety standards while providing only the necessary amount of coverage to be safe.

To sum it up, the Limar 777 Road Superlight is a good helmet. Protection is there without the helmet getting in the way. The 777 is light, comfortable and well ventilated. The chin strap with pad, bug netting, retention system, and styling are definite high points. Visit the Limar Website for their current lineup.

– Mark

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