Klymit Pillow X

Klymit Pillow X inflated
Klymit Pillow X inflated

At 1.95 ounces, the Klymit Pillow X is the ideal travel companion for everyone from ultralight hikers to international travelers. This inflatable pillow takes up almost no space when packed away, but when put into service, offers a huge amount of comfort.

Klymit has earned a reputation for making camping goods that are light, strong, and really get the job done. Their sleeping pads and cushions combine specifically sized and placed chambers with deep welds, to keep air where it should be. This provides support and helps you retain heat. Taking things one step further, some of their pads have cutouts – no sense having material you don’t need. That makes for even less weight. Their Pillow X may be the most simple of all products they offer, but don’t think for a moment that it’s not a good one.

For being only 15″x11, and no more than 4 inches high, it’s quite the pillow. The X in the name comes from the shape of the pillow. There’s a giant X clearly welded into the middle. When used as a camp pillow, this keeps your head centered on the Pillow X, at a height that seems just right for the most comfort. And all it takes is a breath or two to get it inflated. While it may have been designed with camping in mind, it’s also great for travel, and the more I use it, the more I find new uses for it. At work, it provides extra lumbar support. During a family picnic, it was perfect for laying in the grass and watching the sun fight its way through the thick leaves of the trees above me. In a pinch, it will make any cold, hard surface more comfy to sit on.

Klymit Pillow X in stuff sack
Klymit Pillow X in stuff sack

The Pillow X has proven to be another winner from Klymit. With a retail price of under $30, it’s easy enough to outfit the whole family. The low weight means there’s no reason not to bring it whenever and wherever you travel. And the combination of 30D polyester on top, and 75D on the bottom help to keep the weight down, while still being plenty durable. A handy drawstring stuff sack and limited lifetime warranty round things out.

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