Lorpen Winter Sock Review

Back in November, we included Lorpen socks as part of our gift-giving suggestions. So it seemed quite logical to hand out several pairs around the holidays to guys that work hard and play hard, and get some feedback. The socks in question included the Tri-Layer hiking socks, Tri-Later ski socks, and their snowboard socks. (See the original article here)

For those not familiar, the Tri-Layer technology is complex in execution, but simple in explanation. First, there’s an  inner-most layer that’s synthetic and hydrophobic, so it’s both soft and keeps moisture off your skin. Next, the middle layer is constructed of natural fibers. This wicks the moisture from the synthetic materials surrounding your foot, keeping them dry. Finally, there is an outer layer of nylon, to provide durability. This results in a sock that’s soft, dry, and strong.

Perhaps the arrival of the socks jinxed our resorts, but we have had very little snow in the mountains compared to previous years, and it’s been spotty in the valley as well. This put a bit of a damper on the skiing and boarding, but it was still cold enough to appreciate warm and comfortable socks. Between myself and the rest of our testers, we did some hiking, spent some longs days working outdoors in the cold, and on the one day we had substantial snowfall, pushed a snowblower through deep snow for a couple of hours. Both the ski and snowboard socks fully delivered. Their blend of Primaloft Eco polyester, Merino wool, nylon, and Lycra kept our feet toasty warm, yet dry. Even the thinner hiking socks did a pretty good job in the colder weather, providing all-day comfort when you’re active on your feet. And that’s without the the bulk of the other socks.

It’s not easy to do a really comprehensive review of  socks. We put them on, wear them, and repeat. They rarely break or go through batteries too quickly, and there’s very little chance of them being made so poorly as to be a safety hazard. Each review is therefore fairly subjective. The good news is that with these Lorpen socks, all four testers were in agreement – the performance lives up to the manufacturer’s claims. And from past experience, we know they’re of very high quality construction, and made to last. So while clearing the neighborhood sidewalks with a snowblower might not be the same as hitting the slopes, it’s fair to say your feet will appreciate the luxury of a warm pair of socks when doing either activity. And these socks from Lorpen won’t let them down. www.lorpen.com

– Brian

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