Lorpen T3 Midweight Hiker

Lorpen Women's T3 Midweight Hiker
Lorpen Women’s T3 Midweight Hiker

When I try to explain that the Lorpen T3 Midweight Hiker is a “technical sock”, I get some funny looks from folks that still buy cotton socks in 6 pair bundles for under $10. I’m amazed that people will spend thousands of dollars on a vacation, hundreds on gear, and maybe a couple hundred on footwear, but balk at $13-$20 for socks. If you’re hiking, camping, or spending any time outdoors, cotton won’t keep your feet happy, dry, and blister-free. That’s why Lorpen makes the T3 with a mix of 50% PrimaLoft® Eco polyester yarn, 25% Merino wool, 15% nylon, and 10% Lycra. This blend makes up a sock that fits great, stays dry, and will wear well over many many miles.

Lorpen sent several pairs in men’s and women’s styles for a recent trip that included plenty of walking, and temps that ranged from the low 40s to the high 70s. We had veteran hiker/campers, and some new outdoor enthusiasts among us. New shoes, old boots, heavy packs, no packs. It was a good mix of people, and since we all stayed together over the course of several days, and all wore the same socks, it was easy to compare notes at the end of the day, and see how they (and their feet) felt after many miles.

Lorpen Men's T3 Midweight Hiker
Lorpen Men’s T3 Midweight Hiker

First, let me go over the construction. The PrimaLoft fibers have pockets that trap heat, which can keep your feet warmer. A mesh instep helps reduces heat and moisture buildup, and cuts down on bulk, as your feet should be warm, but not sweaty. Merino wool not only feels good on your skin, but it can help regulate heat even more, and it has anti-microbial properties. So a long day, or even a second day in the same socks may not be the stinkfest you get with cotton. Nylon is added to make the sock more durable. And the Lycra lets it all stretch, but with some tension, so that your socks stay in place and don’t bunch up.

Good socks feel good when you put them on, and then you forget about them. Bad socks remind you with every step that the few bucks you saved will result in blisters and unhappy feet. The feedback we got from our tech socks noobs was exactly that. They put them on, commented on the comfort, and didn’t think twice until we asked about them at the end of the day, over hot cocoa. Dry feet? Yes. Bunching? Nope. Ready to do it again tomorrow? Absolutely! Of the six of us, the only one who didn’t like these socks was me. And that’s only because I prefer a thinner sock, but I had brought some lighter socks, just in case. Had my boots not fit so snug, these would have been perfect for me as well.

We’ve been writing about Lorpen socks for a couple of years now. Making socks is their only business, and they’ve been doing it since the early 1980’s. While that may make them fairly new compared to other sock companies, they really do know how to blend fibers to get the most performance from a sock. Their T3 Midweight Hiker is a perfect example of that. And they seem to have something for every sport, activity, and lifestyle. See them all at Lorpeninternational.com

– Brian

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