LOWA Tempest Lo Day Hiker

LOWA Tempest Lo Day Hiker
LOWA Tempest Lo Day Hiker

The Tempest Lo from LOWA is a great example of how far we’ve come in footwear design and technology. Hiking boots used to be hot, heavy, bulky affairs that were great for carrying heavy packs on the trail, but you wouldn’t want to wear them as your every day shoes. And going hiking meant spending the whole day with an external frame pack on your back. Over time, new materials were developed, while shorter day hikes became more popular, and dress codes in the workplace were being relaxed. That resulted in lighter hiking shoes for specific outings, and the added bonus of looks and comfort suitable for work, not just play.

And this is where the Tempest Lo comes in. Lightweight, low-cut, high traction, with the kind of good looks you can wear to work, but all the performance you need for that morning hike to take some wildlife photos, or an afternoon climb just to get away from it all. On the bottom, a Vibram sole offers plenty of grip on loose dirt and rocky trails. LOWA’s PU Monowrap grips your foot equally well, providing stability without added weight. Inside, a synthetic lining and climate control footbed ensure your feet stay cool. The upper is a mix of split leather and Nubuk in a tan that contrasts nicely with the darker outsole. Some greens and yellows in the lacing, trim, and LOWA logo round things out nicely.

LOWA Tempest Lo Day Hiker
LOWA Tempest Lo Day Hiker

Lacing them up, they have a very European fit, meaning a bit on the narrow side. Since switching to minimalist footwear, I find myself preferring a wider toebox than the Tempest Lo offers, so I handed these off to one of our contributors who has been wearing LOWA for a while now. He found the fit to be near perfect, with the Monowrap providing extra reassurance – no slip, no hot spots, and supportive (as much as a low hiker can be, anyway).

This time of year, Utah is hot and dry. The air has little humidity, and the trails are parched and dusty. Even though the canyons are cooler, we prefer to get up early, take a light pack (or cameras), and be back before noon. We put the Tempest Lo through its paces on hardpack, loose dirt, sharp broken rock, and over plenty of ascents and descents. The verdict? If you don’t need the extra support, this low cut boot provides more than enough comfort and traction to get you out and back. Since they are designed for dry conditions, they have extra ventilation, helping to keep feet cool. And as a bonus, they look good enough for the workplace, so you can enjoy their comfort every day. LOWAboots.com

– Brian (and guest)

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the LOWA Tempest Lo boots for free from LOWA, in consideration for review publication

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It looks like a really well made shoe. Too bad it didn’t fit your foot to your liking in the toebox.

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