LUBE YOUR CHAIN is a bicycle chain oil from SKS of Germany. To be clear, chain lube is one of those topics that some cyclists can debate for hours. So for another player to enter that part of the market, it had better be good. And I think it is.


Although most cyclists might not be aware, SKS Germany doesn’t just serve the bicycle industry. They also produce parts for the automotive industry, notably BMW. Employees of another local company, also in that industry, approached SKS. While they make lubricants for cars, they were also keen cyclists. So they came up with their own chain lube. SKS improved upon their concept with a new applicator. This patented applicator is hands-free, and effective.


The lube

LUBE YOUR CHAIN is solvent-free, and PTFE-based. That’s polytetrafluoroethylene, which is more familiar to us under the brand name Teflon. Slippery stuff, PTFE is hydrophobic, so it repels water. It’s also very good at protecting metal. When applied as a liquid, it can reduce friction and wear. Plus, it can quiet your drivetrain.

The applicator

As you can see in the video below, the applicator is unlike most “drip” bottles. Instead, you just press it against the chain, and a small “button” of sorts gets pushed in by each link, dispensing some lube. You can count on keeping your hands clean when using it. A tight-fitting cap prevents leaks when not in use. Each bottle contains enough lube for about 75 applications, and retails for under $15.


Like any other chain lube, you need to apply it to a clean chain. So perform your usual cleaning routine first, and make sure the chain is dry. Shake the bottle well, to mix it up. Then, with my bike on the repair stand, I just hold the applicator with one hand, and backpedal with the other. My daughter was kind enough to demonstrate for some photos. It’s really easy to coat the chain, and get the oil down into the links. If you’re used to wiping off excess, you may be disappointed. Not much waste here. And if you’ve been applying the stuff that takes a while to dry, well, no waiting for that either.


On my city bike, the drivetrain was already pretty quiet. A three-speed IGH isn’t exactly noisy to begin with. But it seemed more noticeable on my MTB. And over time, it transfers to the cassette and chainrings, which helps distribute it even more. After shifting across the range many times, everything was smoother. Pf course, I’m usually more concerned about the elements than just wearing out chains with a lot of miles. With LUBE YOUR CHAIN, I feel more protected from the dusty conditions, light rain, and occasional snow that I ride in.


I’ll have to follow up after I have been able to use LUBE YOUR CHAIN for several months. But so far, it’s been easy to apply, and on at least one bike, seems to have made a definite difference. While I’m usually a skeptic, and not one to buy into hype, SKS is a brand that I have known and trusted for years. So I don’t expect that they will let me down. Check out their products (like my sweet fender set) at

A special to thanks to SKS Germany for providing their product for review.

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