Microbiologically Safe Drinking Water in 60 Seconds with CamelBak® All Clear™UV Water Purification System

Quite possibly one of the coolest things seen at Outdoor Retailer today. If you travel out of the country, or anywhere that the water supply might be suspect, you’ll be first in line when this comes out next year.

Portable Technology Takes Worry and Hassle Out of Microbiological Purification for Personal Hydration

The creators of hands-free hydration are once again introducing another bright idea. The CamelBak® All Clear™Microbiological UV Water Purifier is a portable water purification system that takes the worry, hassle and guesswork out of making water microbiologically safe for drinking -in just 60 seconds.

All Clear features a high-powered ultraviolet light that neutralizes 99.9999 percent of bacteria, 99.99 percent of viruses and 99.9 percent of protozoa. In three simple steps, users secure the cap, hold the power button down for 2 seconds and rotate the bottle allowing the ultraviolet light technology to destroy and neutralize waterborne viruses and bacteria. An LCD screen reveals when the purification cycle is complete and thus when the water is safe to drink.

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All Clear is extremely fast, sterilizing 0.75 liters of water in 60 seconds, and the bulb lasts more than 10,000 cycles -the equivalent of purifying 3 liters per day for nearly seven years. It is ideally suited for global adventurers, backcountry enthusiasts, disaster preparedness kits, family camping trips and everyday situations where water quality is questionable.

“We recognized that the activities and travels of our consumers often take them places where clean drinking water isn‘t readily available, so we wanted to provide a portable, easy-to-use system to overcome that challenge,” said Jon Austen, Director of Product Management for CamelBak. “We‘re using the same technology that has been safely and effectively used as a germicidal disinfection agent in water treatment facilities for decades, but in a simple, take-anywhere system.”

It will arrive at specialty retailers in March.                                      

All Clear Key Features:

Fast / Energy Efficient:

60 seconds per cycle

Energy efficient design purifies 80 cycles per full charge

Easy-To-Use:  LCD screen provides critical information

Cycle start, cycle time, successful cycle completion, battery life, charging status

Simple instructions permanently printed on the bottle

Long lasting: UV bulb lasts 10,000 cycles

Classic Cap: Versatile cap for use after the water in the bottle has been purified

Protective Cover: Protects the UV bulb when not in use

Availability: February 2012

CamelBak All Clear™Microbiological UV Water Purifier Kit includes: All Clear Cap, 0.75L Tritan Better Bottle with Classic Cap, Protective Cover and Recharge Cable (mini USB plugs directly into cap and connects to a wide range of USB compatible wall chargers, laptops, cell phones, solar, etc.)

MSRP: $99

Separately Sold Accessory:

All Clear Pre-Filter, mounts securely over threads, 100 micron screen gravity filters larger particulates -MSRP $15

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