More FITS Socks – The Light Ski And Liner Over The Calf

FITS is the brand name of the Crescent Sock Co., a manufacturer out of Tennessee that has been making socks for other companies for years. That’s right, ultra-fine Merino wool socks made in the U.S. of A. I tried two of their socks: FITS Sock Co’s Light Ski, and Liner Over the Calf (OTC). It’s hard to sort through features with the jargon that most outdoor companies have, but when it comes to wool socks, they just need to fit well and be warm. These OTC socks may be made for skiing, but they don’t stop there.
Form fitting thanks to their Full Contact Fit feature. I do feel a little like Mrs. Doubtfire trying to get these socks on. At a men’s size 10-10.5 I was in between a L and XL, so FITS suggested I go XL. It’s not that the socks were too small, but they stretch so much more than other wool socks I own. So if you happen to buy these for someone else in between sizes, you can be fully confident that the material can take up slack without leaving extra in the toes and heels. My 18″ calves often pose a problem for sock fit, but both of these sock models went on, stayed on, and didn’t feel like they were squeezing my tree trunks. Basically, at the same time they were the hardest socks to put on and the best fitting socks I have ever had.
Warmth of the Light Ski was better than expected for a “light” model. After being on the slopes for three and a half hours straight in the high 20’s with wind gusts, my toes never got cold. It speaks well to the snug fit and quality of the material. In fact, I would consider the Liner OTC to be the light ski sock of choice for the spring ski days. Pair both the Liner OTC and the Light Ski together and I had more warmth than I would ever need without feeling stuffed in my ski boots. FITS uses the term ski, but really both of these models are more like a snowboarding sock. This is where I think it falls short; if you call it a ski sock it should have some shin padding that is thicker than in the other areas of the sock. If you have comfortable boots this shouldn’t be an issue for you anyway. FITS spreads the cushioning throughout the whole sock, which I think makes it not just for skiing but any tall boot activity like mountaineering, ice climbing, caber tossing, or playing in a polka band (any activity that you want an over the calf sock for), but if you want the pronounced shin padding feature I suggest FITS Pro Ski model. Maybe you already own a few light wool socks and just want some extra warmth. Get the Liner or Liner OTC’s. The Liners were the socks that impressed me the most. The Liner may get grabbed out of the sock drawer more times than the Light Ski because its a simple do everything light wool sock. When you have the quality of fit that makes FITS earn their namesake, you can now double your sock with the Liner, increase your warmth, and not worry about feeling too bulky. I’ll warn you, the Liner may make your socks on top suddenly seem ill-fitting.
Final Impression

Having just these two pairs of socks won’t end my curiosity with the complete FITS’ line. I want to try the business line, hunting line, and their biking socks – especially if they all fit as well as the Liner OTC and Light Ski. Plus, who doesn’t love supporting an American-made product (especially since chances are good that Crescent made your other socks). The Light Ski is in the same price point as other high quality wool ski/snowboard socks, so you’re not paying an up-charge compared to foreign made socks. If you think you own enough socks, at least get yourself a pair of Liner OTCs. The Liners can serve as your cold weather boost, your spring skiing sock, and your hiking/biking/climbing/Nordic/whatever sock. If you own both the Liner and the Light Ski, I don’t see a reason to own a Medium Ski, but then again, you can never own too many high quality wool socks.

– Jon


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