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 Mosquitno™Wrist Bands
Mosquitno™Wrist Bands

Mosquitno™Wrist Bands and Mosquitno™SpotZzz Stickers repel pesky mosquitoes (plus flies, gnats, and no-see-ums) the all-natural way, with safe and non-toxic ingredients. This is sure to make campers and parents happy. No sprays to mess with or reapply. Just a simple silicone band on your wrist, or a sticker on your clothing, and you won’t have to put up with that annoying buzz or itchy bites for days.


Mosquitno™SpotZzz Stickers
Mosquitno™SpotZzz Stickers

How do they do it? Mosquitno infuses both the Wrist Bands and SpotZzz Stickers with citronella, which is effective and pleasant smelling. Of course they’re DEET-free, and safe for kids. The Wrist Bands are 85% silicone, and 15% citronella. That allows them to last for up to six days or 150 hours. Unlike a spray that is on until it gets washed off, and may be unnecessary once you’re indoors, the Wrist Bands can be taken off and stored in their resealable package, extending their useful life. You only wear it when you need it. Mosquitno makes kid sized bands as well, but most parents will probably appreciate the SpotZzz Stickers just as much, if not more. Available in six-packs, they repel flying insects for three days/72 hours. Just peel the backing, and stick one on your child for one less worry. Both the Wrist Bands and SpotZzz Stickers are available with plenty of fun graphics and color options, as well as single or bulk packaging for the Wrist Bands.

This ranks up their with a hammock review for its simplicity. Since we live between a lake and the mountains, there’s never any shortage of mozzies buzzing around and ruining a good time. Before heading outside one evening, we donned our protective gear (one Wrist Band, one SpotZzz Sticker), set up a command center (camp chairs) and proceeded to relax with some music and cold beverages. Mosquitoes were noticeably absent from the event. A friend stopped by, and immediately picked up on the citronella scent. When has asked about the source, I showed him my Mosquitno Wrist Band, and pointed out the distinct lack of annoying insects. We didn’t spend the full 72 or 150 hours outdoors to see how long they lasted, but those figures should be taken as reliable. It should be noted that the Wrist Band still seems potent after being used off and on over about ten days.

Mosquitno™Wrist Bands
Mosquitno™Wrist Bands

If you live where mosquitoes thrive, Mosquitno is only part of the solution. Making sure your home is not a welcome place for mosquitoes is equally important, because they can and do spread disease. But whether at home or out and about, Mosquitno will help keep them at bay, so you can enjoy the outdoors.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received Mosquitno™Wrist Bands and Mosquitno™SpotZzz Stickers for free from Mosquitno as coordinated by Deep Creek PR, an Outdoor Industry Public Relations Company, in consideration for review publication.

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