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Ladies, one thing we all have in common is the stress and aggravation that goes into finding a sports bra that is comfortable, functional and at least a bit attractive. Whether you‘re an ‘˜A‘ where all you can find is cheap cotton, or a ‘˜DD‘ where you are forced to double up and get out the duct tape, you deserve a bra that will work for you, not against you.

So I introduce my new favorite article of clothing, from Moving Comfort, the sports bra innovator. Founded in 1977 by two active women fed up with the inaccurately fitting running gear offered to ladies at that time, the company lives by the belief that a fit woman is a powerful woman, thus they encourage women to never feel limited by anything; get fit and stay fit.

Recently I went onto the Moving Comfort website to do a little research on what makes these $35-$50 bras worth buying over Target or WalMart brand for half the cost. The first thing to really impress me was their virtual sports bra fitting room. Ladies, not even Victoria Secret can give you this kind of fit. After extensive biomechanical studies, this all-women company has concluded that bra size equals bust minus ribcage. The virtual fitting room brings you through four phases: appropriate sizing using calculation previously mentioned; select type of impact – high (running), medium (biking), or low (walking); select style (seamless, front or back closure, racer back, regular). Finally, your bra type is calculated.

As a very active runner and backpacker I put my impact type as high and style as seamless, back closure, racer back. My suggested bra types were the Rebound Racer and Urban X-Over.  I was fortunate enough to be given both to review.

Both bras have become wardrobe necessities for my active lifestyle. I wear the Rebound Racer for extended wear hikes and backpacks, whereas the Urban X-Over is my go-to running support.

I have just gotten back from a three day, 25mile backpack in Canoyonlands, Utah (Needles District). Honestly, I didn‘t take the Rebound Racer off once. Before you cringe, please note that these bras are made to be washed about every three wears and the material in the cups has anti-microbial technology. Not to mention, the fabric has maximum moisture transfer so even after a 10-mile day in 80 degree heat, the material dried fast enough I was able sleep in it. The adjustable back closure and straps allows for a more custom fit and make for such a comfortable bra that they were not a issue whatsoever while sleeping or even with a 45lb pack resting weightily on my shoulders.

What I really love about this bra is that there is a subtle seam-free contour for a little bit of modesty, and the compression (pressing of breast tissue to the chest wall to limit motion) is not so great that filling the rib cage is hard and the chest is reduced to to mere pre-teen status. The look is feminine and active. The only downside is that sometimes tying to get the back fixture closed can be a little tricky without mirror or hand/bra clip coordination.

I run about three times a week, and every run my Urban X-Over is there to help me start my mornings with a bit of attitude. The garment is mesh all over with cup inserts, which allow for max breathability. Like the Rebound Racer, this bra sports adjustable straps and seam-free interior molded cups. Unlike the previously discussed piece, this bra has maximum contoured cups. What does this mean? It means you look damn sexy while out on the trails! There is not excessive padding, but the contour is supported by encapsulation: giving individual support to each breast as well as shape.

Studies show that 56% of women experience breast pain while working out. Encapsulation protects against the vertical, horizontal, and circular motion during activity that is the root cause of such discomfort. To give you an idea of just how much ‘˜movement‘ there is in chests of every size, Moving Comfort reports on their website that B-cups move up to 3in, and DD can move up to 8in during activity.

Needless to say, when I showed up at the trailhead sporting my new functional lingerie of activewear my running partner was astonished. At first she asked if I‘d done something different in the last week, for apparently I looked ‘˜fantastic‘, then she asked if I‘d forgotten my sports bra and put on my push-up, and subsequently offered up an extra. After explaining it was a sports bra and my usual one was so tight it left me flat chested and breathless, it was time to really put the attractive piece to the test.

Throughout the 5.5 mile run I kept a close eye and awareness on my chest. The movement did not appear to be much at all vertical or horizontal. And the lack of pain led me to think there was virtually no circular motion either. The straps, cups, and back cross-over were extremely comfortable, with no signs of chafing (on that run or in the weeks of testing to follow).

Not enough praise can be given to this bra. I not only feel complete support, but I feel extremely confident it in. I hold my head a little higher, and even run a little taller. You seriously can‘t go wrong with a bra that encourages better running form!  The only downfall is that it can be a little tricky to get into as the back does not have a closure so you have to sort your way through the cross back. But like the Rebound Racer, a little practice makes you an easy pro.

The women at Moving Comfort recommend washing their garments in cold water with no fabric softeners, and line drying. Nothing out of the ordinary for technical active wear. Composed of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, you really cannot go wrong with this soft, comfortable, and supportive brand.

I would highly recommend giving this brand a try. Worth every penny for support you can feel. Don‘t let an ill-fitting bra slow you down or hold you back. Get out there and show the world how powerful confidence makes you.

– Carley

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