Moxie Cycling Jerseys – By Women For Women

In all the years I have been cycling, I have never been thrilled with the jerseys. In fact, I got hand me downs when I started cycling and have never actually purchased one. Sad, I know, but I have never found a jersey I like that fits well. They all look the same and they are made for men. Until now! Moxie Cycling recently gifted me their 2013 Peacock Jersey with T-back.

The ladies at Moxie Cycling finally put into action what we female cyclists have desired for years: a cycling jersey that is made for and by women. Founders Deb Amorde & Brooke Freiborg conceived the idea during their first RAGBRAI ride across Iowa. It became blaringly obvious that a gap existed in the cycling apparel market because no one made jerseys that fit a woman‘s body. There was plenty of focus on the shorts, the saddle, and the bike, but attention to the jersey was lacking. Women‘s specific cycling apparel only makes up 23% of the total cycling industry. That is insane considering 109 million US women are avid cyclists.

So what exactly has Moxie done to rectify the situation? First and foremost they took the time to ask the female consumers what they really wanted. Here is what the ladies said: better quality material, fashion, curves.

Now for my experience. From the moment I took it out of the packaging I was surprised at the quality of the fabric and the stitching. The seams are stitched with an extremely soft thread. The jersey fabric is a soft lightweight nylon for the bra, and the body is a deluxe moisture wicking polyester/spandex. Also, I noticed that the tag was screen-printed on, thus no itchy tag spot while riding. The jersey even comes with extra bra inserts for the chilly days… only a woman would know that necessity!

Needless to say I was pretty psyched to suit up for my next ride. Luckily it‘s been warm enough to be out on the open road in a sleeveless jersey and shorts in November.

The first thing I noticed was how form-fitting the jersey was. It hit all my natural curves in a flattering way, while still being loose enough that my mid-section didn‘t feel like it was in a corset. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the back of the jersey is a little longer than the front. One of my biggest pet peeves about cycling tops is that they tend to ride up your back, especially when your back pockets have bulky clothes stuffed inside. On this particular day, I assumed it would be chillier than it was, so half way into my ride my pockets were filled with a windbreaker, arm sleeves and light gloves. Honestly, the jersey stayed exactly where it should have for the entire ride. It was amazing.

I also really like the T-back fit. The strap comes up between the shoulder blades and then splits at the base of the neck, leading into a feminine scoop neck. As a lady with wide shoulders, I appreciate having the freedom of movement in my shoulders and not having the straps putting pressure in the wrong places. The beautiful neckline in the front is low enough it doesn‘t chafe at your neck, but high enough to be a little modest even when you‘re in the drop bars or in aeros.

Finally, the built-in bra is actually extremely comfortable and supportive. I probably wouldn‘t want to go for a run without a little more support, but for cycling it‘s perfect. The band around the ribcage is snug, but not so tight it‘s hard to breathe in all the way.

Overall, I have to say the ladies at Moxie have put together an extremely incredible jersey. It‘s so comfortable I have actually started wearing it to the gym! If I could change anything it would be that the pockets in back were a little deeper. Right now, my phone is at tall as the pockets, and I‘d love to just have it sit a little lower. Also, I do like my jerseys a little tight, so I would love to have had one size smaller. Unfortunately I ordered their smallest size, but I have been assured by Brooke that when the line launches, smaller and even custom sizes will be available.

There are three different styles so you can choose which flatters your curve the best. Each style has a wide variety of patterns that are sure to turn a few heads out on the road. Moxie Cycling will be releasing these new styles and colors Jan/Feb 2013.

For a retail price of $58 for the T-back (new & old), and $65 for the other styles, that‘s equal to or less than the cost of the old manly-style women‘s jerseys. How can you not treat yourself? To ride in comfort and style is priceless.

– Carley

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