Nanuk 925 Protective Case

After a bit of research, I chose the Nanuk 925 to protect my camera gear. I needed a case that was big enough for two camera bodies, two zoom lenses, and some accessories. At 18.7’³ x 14.8’³ x 7.0’³, it’s the perfect size. This is my EDC (every day camera) kit that I keep in my car. For safety, it’s locked in the trunk during the day. Keeping it company is a tripod or two, a monopod, axe, camp shovel, and a few other sharp or hard objects. So there is a chance it will get banged around a bit.

Nanuk has the protection I wanted, and the features I needed. Their NK-7 resin survives drops and rough handling. Add to that an IP67 waterproof rating (dust-tight, waterproof to 1 meter), and the contents stay clean and dry. But they also have a comfy handle, optional padded strap, and PowerClaw latch system. It the last item that sold me. After years of watching my assistant (or wife) struggle to open the latches on other cases, the PowerClaw is a breeze. Rather than pry, you just pull down the center lever, then flip the latch up. Even in the winter, with gloves, it’s super easy. Yet it locks down solid when you close it up.

Nanuk 925 Protective Case
Nanuk 925 Protective Case

My Nanuk arrived with their cubed foam for the body, and egg-crate foam for the lid. From the factory, this foam is scored so that it’s easy to pull apart and create the cutouts you need. First, I set my gear on top, to get an idea of how I wanted it laid out. Having made sure of the fit, I removed the foam for each piece, taking care to leave room between them. Because the foam is two layers, it was easy to get the correct width and depth. Of course, mistakes can be fixed with a bit of glue, but I try to avoid that. In the end, I had the perfect fit for my gear.

Nanuk 925 Protective Case
Nanuk 925 before customizing for my gear

This kit includes all I need to capture closeups, wide vistas, and distant wildlife. It starts with a full frame camera and 24-70 lens. Next, a crop body with a fast 70-200 zoom. From there, I threw in 1.4x and 2.0x extenders. That provides flexible coverage from 24mm to 640mm. Finally, spare batteries, memory, and lens cloths. It’s a significant investment, which is why I needed a quality case. And the Nanuk 925 has not let me down. It’s been dropped a few times, and banged against plenty of rocks, trees, and more. But the contents are always safe.

Nanuk 925 Protective Case
My EDC (every day camera) kit in the Nanuk 925 Protective Case

Although the Nanuk adds 6.2 pounds to the weight of my kit, the padded strap makes that less of an issue. Once on location, the case stays in the car most of the time anyway. For those times when I do have to carry it a distance, the handle is usually comfortable enough. But do yourself a favor, and get the strap. Your shoulder will appreciate it. If I happen to take it on a flight, the case is lockable as well.

Nanuk 925 Protective Case color options
Nanuk 925 Protective Case color options

If you have expensive or delicate gear that you need to transport safely, Nanuk is one option you really should consider. After 20+ years with another brand, their PowerClaw latching system has really won me over. Because most cases will protect their contents, but that doesn’t help if you can’t open it. To see all their cases, and all the features, visit


I’d like to thank Nanuk for providing the Nanuk 925 protective case and optional strap for this review. My cameras are not my livelihood, but they are not easily replaced either.

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