National Trail Mix Day, August 31, 2012

Yes, today really is National Trail Mix Day. You may have read on some other, less-informed sites, that there has been no congressional proclamation, or that some so-called expert was unable to come up with any source for this holiday. Rubbish! If people are going to perpetuate the myth that a rabbit is leaving their kids chocolate eggs, or that a fat man is going to slide down their chimney with toys, we sure as heck ought to be able to believe in National Trail Mix Day. Besides, at IndustryOutsider, we have proof! The good folks at CLIF bar have shipped some of their finest trail mix, in the form of MOJO bars, to lucky readers of this site as well as members on If it wasn’t a real holiday, would a company like CLIF get involved? No way. And I am willing to stand up and swear on a box of Chocolate Mint CLIF bars that I know this to be true.

In all seriousness, I haven’t even tried to find the source of this holiday. Trail mix itself, which is generally comprised of peanuts and raisins at the very minimum, has a murky past too. Some claim it was invented by surfers. Others claim a farmerĀ  found some under a rock while plowing his fields. On the outer fringes are the people that claim trail mix was a government conspiracy that started at Area 51. But they wear foil hats and are not to be taken seriously. What we do know is that over the years, our favorite trail mix has contained not just peanuts, but almonds, walnuts, and even sunflower seeds. To liven up the fruit mix, it’s included dried pineapple, apricots, mango, and even cranberries. Those of us with more exotic taste have included carob chips and grated coconut. For the working man, throw in a handful of mini pretzels. Yes, trail mix has a little something for everyone. Best of all, it has no rules – add what you like, leave out what you don’t.

CLIF MOJO trail mix bars

Which brings us back to CLIF. Their product engineers recognized the inherent goodness in trail mix, and the fact that this highly portable food was already in wide use by hikers, runners, walkers, campers, cyclists, hippies, and even office workers. So they set out to improve upon it, but making it easy to store a single serving, and have it handy whenever necessary. Sensing that different people have different tastes, they came up with six different varieties: Chocolate Almond Coconut, Honey Roasted Peanut, Mixed Nuts, Mountain Mix, Peanut Butter Pretzel, and White Chocolate Macadamia. That pretty much covers the gamut of sweet and salty. Each bar packs 190-200 calories, and contains 70% organic ingredients. And they’re all delicious, as you would expect from CLIF.

Now, if you were looking high and low for a card at your local Hallmark store to celebrate this holiday, you’re doing it wrong. Grab a MOJO, or make your own mix, and head outside. Doesn’t matter if you’re scaling Everest, or walking the dogs at a park, just enjoy the outdoors with your tasty snack. Better yet, bring a friend and share.

Have a great weekend everyone!

– Brian



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