National Trail Mix Day Is August 31st

Yeah, I had never heard of it either. But since the folks at CLIF BAR sent me an email reminder, I figured it was worth mentioning. Especially since they want our readers to celebrate with a CLIF MOJO bar giveaway! That’s right, CLIF is going to send out a five pack of CLIF MOJO bars to each of our lucky winners. If you’re out riding, hiking, or just need a tasty snack at work, MOJO hits the spot. Each bar is packed with 8-9 grams of protein, no trans fats or processed sugars, and the sweet and salty goodness we love in our trail mix.

CLIF MOJO bar all natural trail mix

In order to win a five pack shipped right to your door, we’ve come up with a simple contest: Just comment with your favorite CLIF bar story or memory. If you’ve never had one (what planet are you from?) just let us know why you think you should win. We’ve got approval for at least three winners, but we’ll award a fourth prize in the event of a tie. Creativity counts, but we’re willing to hear your sob stories too. Just remember to enter right away, as we’re ending this contest at 5PM Mountain time on Friday, August 24th.*

Good luck!

*You must have a shipping address in the continental US to enter!


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Doug Montrse

I think the first time I tried a Clif bar was back in the days on Police Academy. The day of the final physical test was at hand and I hadn’t eaten very well the day before the test because of nerves. On the way to the test I stopped at a gas station and picked up a Clif bar to give me a little boost. The bar was much better in taste than one of those nasty energy drinks and seemed to give me more of a sustained energy boost over one of those drinks as well. Since then anytime I need a little extra something I grab one of those bars with confidence knowing that it will get me through the day.

Gary Griffin

I started riding back in March for the first time in 40+ years and as I have progressed to riding farther and harder I was looking for something to take on my rides. When I first saw Clif bars and others in the grocery stores, I thought “uh oh, here goes with the cardboard granola bars again!” So I got one or two of each and didn’t care for any but the Clif bars. They are now a staple in my jersey when I do any kind of distance ride and they really do keep me nourished.

Stacey Menin

First taste of a Clif Bar was after a race sometime ago, somewhere in Big Bear, CA. Bear Mountain maybe? After miles of treacherous terrain, we were given a bag of treats! A big girl, grown up, racer girls goodie bag! Imagine the delight after a long day of ups and downs in the scorching heat with the rumblings of hunger getting stronger every moment to peeking inside and looking through all the trials of sunscreen and such to find my way to the bottom of the bag! There to see the shiny wrapper of my very wish smiling up at me! I had struck gold! A Clif Bar! Satisfaction guaranteed! Now, in my mundane world of go to work, make a buck and hope it’s enough ups and downs.. Clif Bars have become a staple of satisfaction!

Stacey Menin

ps… now that my daughter is 12 and fully involved in her gymnastics and social calendar.. I’m back in the saddle and making sure to pack that Clif Bar so I can avoid bonk city!

Stacey Menin

pps… I also make sure to have Clif Bars in my daughters gym bag.. she works hard for over three hours of practice and they are the perfect thing to keep her energy up! Thanks Clif!

Joshua Fowler

The first time a Clif bar entered my mouth, I met true love…I didn’t know an energy bar could taste so incredibly wonderful, they usually taste like chalk dust, or dirty cardboard, or moldy dog treats or…you know what I mean. It was a blueberry crisp Clif bar, and from that moment hence, I was a fan. My dear mother started eating them because she had to wake up in the wee hours of the morn’ and go to work. They sustained energy and filled her up plenty, so she (in her kind heartedness) parted with one to share it with me. What a wonderful memory I now have to cherish.


Love Cliff bars. Can’t recall the first time I had it but they are yummy and great for additional energy


I should get these because as a Super Hero, my time to eat healthy, easy-to-eat food is limited.

When I destroyed Missing-Sock Man, after I banished him from the laundry room for stealing socks, I barely had enough time to wolf down a Clif Bar (chocolate chip).

I soon had to battle Evil Ink Drainer after he made 6 pens run out of ink; I didn’t have anything but a Cool Mint Clif bar with me.

I have run out of Clif Bars and have many, many enemies to engage, up next is Low Tire Pressure Goblin. Please feed me so I may continue my quest to banish our world from the evil pain-in-the-@sses of our day.

Thank You.

Avi Nash

I only use them as emergency rations on a bike ride so this should last me a while.


I love Clif bars. I remember how excited I was when I found out the MoJo White Chocolate Macadamia was vegan!

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