Nearly Exclusive Scoop! MatchCap XL Coming Soon!

Last week we ran an article about the Exotac MATCHCAP™. This week, we’re proud to offer a nearly exclusive scoop! (Anyone that saw them at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market has probably already written about this) The original MATCHCAP™is going to be joined by the MATCHCAP™XL for 2012!

At 3.6″ long, and 1.2″ in diameter, it’s got nearly double the capacity of the original, yet weighs only 1.25 ounces. Besides being able to hold up to 40 kitchen matches, 32 NATO, or 25 Stormproof matches, the striking surfaces have been increased 250%. At that size, you’ve got some spare room for a little tinder, water purification tablets, or some other tiny but essential item(s). Expect the same quality and durability found in all Exotac products, just more.

And remember, you read it here first. Maybe.

– Brian



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