New From Eton, Part Two

Yesterday, we shared some of the ways Eton has devised to keep your portable electronics charged, whether you’re working, playing, or preparing for an emergency. Today we’re covering more of their emergency items, plus the radios that do double-duty, keeping you informed during natural disasters, or entertained by the pool, beach, lake, or campsite.

Eton Zone Guard

ZoneGuard: Being prepared plays a big part in how you fare during an emergency. If you live in an area prone to the whims of Mother Nature, a weather alert radio is an excellent investment. The ZoneGuard is an AM/FM digital radio and alarm clock, with S.A.M.E. technology that receives NOAA weather channels and alerts. This allows you to get advisories, watches, and warnings specific to your area, plus you can program it for up to 25 locations if you’re a frequent traveler. In addition to the audible alerts, you get visual warnings via green, orange, or red lights.  You already need an alarm clock, why not get one that warns you of impending doom too? Includes an AC adapter, but can run on AA batteries as well.

Eton Zone Guard+

ZoneGuard+: Building on the features of the ZoneGuard, the ZoneGuard+ takes everything a step further, and includes wireless modules for placing around your home. Leave the radio unit on your nightstand or in the kitchen, and place the modules in other rooms, such as the kid’s rooms, family room, garage, or any location that would normally not be within earshot of the radio. It comes with the radio and two modules, but additional modules can be purchased separately.

Eton FRX1

FRX series: We reviewed the baby of the FRX family, the FRX1, last year. This handy radio is compact enough to store just about anywhere, and conveniently sized to take on any outdoor excursion too. Squeezed into this 5.4″ x 2.5″ x 2.5″ package is an AM/FM/NOAA weather radio, and LED flashlight, and turbine generator that allows you to charge the built in battery by hand cranking. Find it in the dark thanks to the glowing trim ring around the LED lights. It’s also available in a rainbow of colors, for the fashion conscious.

Eton FRX2

Step up to the FRX2, and you get all the features of the FRX1, plus a small solar panel to charge the internal battery, when you’re too busy to crank it. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, when you just need a little background music, not a portable rave. Surprisingly, the dimensions are nearly identical to the FRX1.

Eton FRX3

If you want to be truly prepared for emergency and non-emergency events, take a look at the FRX3. Although it’s a much larger unit, it includes a digital alarm clock radio with emergency weather alerts. Power options include the built-in battery, a solar panel, hand crank, or even some AAA batteries. Plug your headphones in when you don’t want to disturb anyone, or use the AUX-in when you want to utilize the built-in speaker to share your tunes. The red beacon light can be set as a warning flasher, or to alert friends to your impromptu party. Durability, portability, usability, and flexibility. It’s got you covered.

“Can you describe the ruckus, sir?”

Eton Rugged Rukus

Rukus series: If you’re more interested in raising a ruckus than just being prepared for an emergency, Eton has a couple of offerings for that too. The Rugged Rukus sports a nice big solar panel to keep the internal lithium battery charged, so you can keep jamming even after the sun goes down. Pair it with your phone or other Bluetooth device, and stream your music to its two full range drivers. No need to mess with cables, unless you want to use it to charge your device too. It’s a portable party.

Eton Rukus XL

The Rukus XL is for those that want their music loud. How loud? How about eight drivers (four speakers, two passive radiators) and 22 watts of power? It uses Bluetooth for streaming, and even has a compartment with a door to keep your phone or MP3 player safe while playing, charging, or both. You can go old school and plug it in if there’s an AC outlet handy, but the giant solar panel and internal lithium battery will allow you to take it anywhere, and keep the party going late into the night.

Eton Rukus Solar

My personal favorite, the Rukus Solar is a smaller than the XL, but unlike the Rugged Rukus, has a built-in handle and handy storage for a phone or MP3 player on the underside. Stream your music to it all day long and into the night – you’ll probably run out of steam before the internal battery does. If you do, find an AC outlet and keep on rockin’. Other features of note include the E Ink® display that is legible and readable day or night, and 3 months of free music from the MOG music service. Rock on.

That pretty much covers some of the newest stuff, but Eton offers a wide variety of other products as well. Get the latest specs and current pricing, plus find a local retailer at

– Brian



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