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It’s always fun to check out the latest from Industrial Revolution at Outdoor Retailer. While the PowerTrekk portable power solution that generates electricity from water was definitely the highlight, there are plenty of other products worth mentioning. Here are a few of our favorites, in no particular order. Later this year, we’ll probably review one or more of them, as time permits.

Grilliput portable grill from Industrial RevoltionThe Grilliput is a portable grill for the minimalist camper that cooks over coals instead of gas or solid fuel cubes. It’s a simple stainless grill with four legs and ten grill rods that connect two tubes. The beauty in the design is that the legs, grill rods, and the smaller diameter tube all fit inside the larger one inch thick tube. Taking up less space than the shortest section of a trekking pole, the Grilliput quickly assembles into a grill approximately 10″ x 9″, with a weight capacity of 3.3 pounds. Perfect for a couple of burgers, or grilled veggies anywhere.

Foldable BBQ Box from EsbitShould you have the inclination to go a little fancier with your grilling, while still requiring something portable, Esbit’s Foldable BBQ Box fits the bill perfectly. While it folds down to about the size of a small laptop, it can be opened up to a 12″ x 9″ charcoal grill. For maximum convenience, there’s enough room when folded to store your charcoal inside, and it includes a nylon carrying bag, along with a waterproof charcoal bag. This stainless grill also boasts a sturdy stand, and the grate has three height levels, to get just the right temp.

Swedish Fireknife with Firesteel by MoraOf course, if you want to cook, you’re going to need a fire. Light My Fire is known for exactly that – helping you get that fire started. So they worked with Swedish company Mora, and came up with the Swedish FireKnife™. Combining a sharp, flexible blade with a genuine Swedish FireSteel® good for about 3,000 strikes, this handy tool does double duty (and more) around the campsite. The blade is Sandvik 12C27 stainless, and the firestarter puts out a 5,400° F spark. Count on it to get the job done. And it’s not likely to get lost either, since they come in a variety of bright colors.

Lumora LED LanternSpeaking of colors, the Lumora LED Lantern emits up to 110 lumens of bright white light, and is available with yellow, green, or blue accents. We like that option for the kids, so they each have their own, and there’s no need to write their name on it. But the important details are in the features. Extend it, and the frosted globe makes a compact lantern for working (cooking?) or reading. Pop the globe off, and you’ve got a handy flashlight for any task. The power switch has a built in dimming function so you can vary the light as needed, which also conserves batteries. You’ll need to provide four AA batteries, but expect between fifteen hours on the brightest setting and 200 on the lowest. Pack one in your backpack, leave on in the car, and get another for your 72 hour kit.

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– Brian



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