New Products From RideOut Technologies

RideOut Technologies is proud to unveil the Storm Quest Saddle.  The Storm Quest is the first bicycle seat optimized for the tactical needs of police, campus patrols and airport security riders. It is the latest addition in the acclaimed Carbon Comfort line of innovative bicycle saddles.  Following the same tradition of the Carbon Comfort seat, the Storm Quest Saddle was developed for the officer that lives on his or her bicycle.

The Storm Quest saddle incorporates the innovative patented suspension system engineered in the Carbon Comfort line.  This reinforced system, made with infused carbon fiber, is designed to absorb shock and road chatter the officer may encounter, as well as dynamic flexing to the individual anatomy of the rider, ensuring the most comfortable ride available in today‘s world of bicycling patrol. This model boasts a reengineered stock base plate for even greater endurance for riders weighting up to 250 pounds.

The Storm Quest Saddle features a waterproof Kevlar reinforced cover, built to withstand the rigors of law enforcement patrol and extended daily use. Weighing less than 385 grams, this seat may actually lighten your overall bike weight.  This seat offers outstanding cosmetics with an all black cover and offers a unique Kevlar design that complements any department bicycle.


RideOut Technologies Urban Touring Bag is designed with the rider in mind. It is the perfect complement to the saddle.The bag attaches to the bike using the existing female clip provided with each saddle and a quick release Velcro strap (attaches to the seat post).  The bag has a three position safety light built in the rear panel for optimum viewing effectiveness. Using new LED technology, an easily changed button battery supplies the light power and is rated for hundreds of hours. This bag has stunning graphics that will accent any bike and all of our seats.


All products come with the exclusive RideOut Technologies rider comfort guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely happy with the seat, just return it to RideOut for a full purchase price refund.

More information can be found at the company‘s website: .  Individuals may place orders directly from the website or for quantity purchases please contact RideOut Technologies directly at or (208) 896-6073.

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Great Seat!

I own one will never go back, rididng pain free is wonderful..

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