Not your regular Ellsworth model

It’s funny, the articles you can find if you just search a bit.

Here’s one about a seven year old kid named Noah Garcia. He was born without a right forearm, which makes riding a bike very difficult. Realizing the importance of bicycles to little kids, the occupational therapist at this school contacted one of the local correctional facilities that has a program where inmates restore old bikes and give them away. But they did not have a suitable bike.

Enter Ellsworth. No, not Tony Ellsworth’s highly regarded company, but Ellsworth Correctional Facility. Not only did they put together a pretty sweet looking trike for Noah, but they even made a fancy little extension off the right handlebar that allows him to rest his right arm. Nice work!

Of course, it all comes down to whether or not the new owner of this bike likes it. And Noah’s response after his first ride? “It’s good”.

There you have it.

Tomorrow, I’ll have some confidential stuff about new gear from either Shimano or SRAM based on inside information from an industry spy. Or not.

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Thanks for the nice story, Brian.


This is cool. I sent the article to one of my employees. Her son was born without a right forearm about 18 months ago. He’s already making her crazy with all his energy and nowhere to expend it. He’s really going to need a bike when he gets bigger…

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