November is Tara Llanes month on

Once again, I am promoting Tara’s Road to Recovery Fund here, and on

Here’s the short version on my post on the forums:

“Every Thanksgiving, we go around the table, and each of us has to share something we’re thankful for. It’s not so much the specific thing we mention, as how hard it is to just come up with just one thing, when there is so much to be thankful for. As cyclists, we should all be thankful for each day that we can get out there and ride. As members (or visitors) of this site, we should all be thankful to be part of such a supportive community. The Charity forum has been a huge success. The original Igor drive in memory of Sheldon Brown was another great success. So this month, my plea to you is to make a donation to Tara’s Road to Recovery Fund.

For those of you that are not aware, Tara is an accomplished BMX and MTB racer, having won World Cups, National Championships, and taken gold medals at the X-Games. She suffered a terrible crash on September 1, 2007, which resulted in her having no feeling from the waist down. I got to speak with her briefly at Interbike this year, and she has a ready smile and the presence of a champion. While she has made progress, (She also has an unbreakable spirit) she still faces more expenses and needs our help. So please go to her site, and either make a purchase of a hoody, t-shirt or lip balm, or just use the PayPal link there to make a donation in any amount. Of course, we’re giving an Igor* to each member that makes a donation, but do this for the good feeling you get as one cyclist lending a hand to another.”

*The Igor is given to any member that makes a donation of time or money to any charity, whether bicycle-related or not, as a way to give back in memory of all Sheldon Brown has done for cycling. So this is an awesome opportunity to help out one cyclist while honoring another.

Please give.

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