Nuvinci hub wheels are now available

Man, I must have been asleep when this was announced. This would have to be the ultimate excuse for building a commuter project bike.

Seattle Bike Supply has 26 x 1.75” NuVinci™rear wheels built and ready to go. The NuVinci™hub uses continuously variable planetary (CVP) technology, an innovative new continuously variable transmission (CVT). NuVinci™technology provides smoother acceleration, better performance and overall efficiency, and improved cost over conventional transmissions. That‘s why some of the world‘s most innovative bicycle and light electric vehicle makers are already introducing products based on NuVinci™technology.

The wheel is built in the approved 2 Cross pattern with Wheelsmith™Stainless steel spokes, and a 36 hole Sun Rhyno Lite XL rim. The Rhyno Lite XL rim is a welded seam, double walled triple cavity design with eyelets, width of 29.5mm, ID of 22.0mm, and a 12.5mm brake track. The hub comes with a 17 tooth cog and is configured for a disc brake using a 6 bolt rotor. The disc brake rotor can be removed for roller brake use, but note, the roller brake arm is not included. The Hub is made from aluminum and comes in 135mm locknut width. The hub ratio is listed at 350%; the range is 0.5 to 1.75. The wheels come with the Cruise controller™shifter, 1800mm silver housing and cable.

The hub in 36 hole is also now available separately for custom wheel building, and a 700c rear wheel using the 36 hole Redline XCE 500 rim will be available shortly.

The hub was specifically designed for the Cruiser, Comfort, City bike market and is not approved for use in vertical dropouts, mountain, downhill or extreme sports applications.

You can contact Seattle Bike supply at:
Seattle Bike Supply

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I’ve seen a couple of these on Titanium road bikes, of all things. The hubs are big and heavy, but the cyclists who are trying these tell me they really really like these NuVinci hubs.


Unlike conventional geared hubs, the NuVinci hub can be made electromotive rather easily. Making the hub the engine as well as the transmission would certainly simplify matters. I wonder why the company has failed to kill these two birds with one stone? Surely, such a motor/transmission is nearing production, as the implementation is trivial.


Yes, but who SELLS the Seattle Bike Supply NuVinci wheels? I have a bike ready to be outfitted if I can just find a wheelset.

Seattle Bike Supply does not sell direct to consumers.


how much are the 700c Nuvinci hubs? Do they come with the whole package? Shifter and whatever items necessary to get on the road? paul in Denver


I have them…mounted in wheel $500

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