Oboz Sawtooth Low

Oboz Sawtooth Low
Oboz Sawtooth Low

The Oboz Sawtooth Low hiking shoe has taken me to new heights this past month! All puns aside, after spending several weeks in them, I’ve come away with the feeling that these are really excellent quality shoes worth checking out.

A common complaint about some hiking shoes concerns the flexibility of the sole. The Sawtooth Low allows your movement to feel fluid and natural. For me, flexibility is the most important aspect; I don‘t like my attention to be on how uncomfortable my shoes are. The ridges in the sole give you a good grip as well. In all honesty, I‘ve loved these shoes so much I‘ve worn them off the trail as well. Here are some of the specific features of this shoe: The upper is made of top-grade Nubuck cattle leather and a highly abrasion resistant textile with a 3D molded heel counter for better balance. Strobel lasted construction, which uses stitching rather than glue, improves stability and flexibility. It has the Oboz Bfit Delux insole, which will allow you to pocket the 40 dollars you might spend on an pair of insoles, which is what I did before I got the Oboz (dang it!). These insoles are excellent and have a pod of extra cushioning under the ball of the foot and the heel which give extra support against the trail but maintain a feeling of connectivity to the ground. They have a dual density EVA nylon shank. All of these glorious features packed into a magnificent shoe that weighs just 15.6 ounces.

I have had poor experiences with a lot of the hiking shoes I‘ve worn in the past. They either did not support my foot enough, or they were so stiff it made movement unnatural. I‘m happy to share that the Sawtooth hiking shoes were a perfect medium for me. The shoes I had been using recently were so thin that I‘d feel like someone took a hammer to the bottom of my feet after a long hike. However, when I tried the Sawtooth Lows on, I knew that would not be a problem. I am confident that they have been fully tested by the Oboz team in the mountains of Montana and they have done an excellent job of designing this shoe. One notable aspect about this shoe is how well they have balanced support and weight. To my surprise, they were very light on my feet while still maintaining the support needed when you are hiking. It can handle the rocky trails as well as be light enough to enjoy with the extra weight of snow shoes (which I also tried). I encourage you to give these hiking shoes a real chance. They really will take you to new heights! obozfootwear.com

– Josh

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