Luxury Camping With The SimplySleeper

SimplySleeper From SimplyGlobo

After we reviewed their Bluetooth speaker, the folks at SimplyGlobo offered their SimplySleeper premium air mattress for review. At first, we weren’t sure if that was such a great fit with the site. But then we thought about how it’s perfect for car camping (or having a spot for friends and relatives to crash if they drop in unannounced), and took them up on that offer. Because we’re all about “Not roughing it”, a queen sized mattress will fit in our family’s tent with room to spare.

Packed into a compact duffel that’s only sixteen inches long, the SimplySleeper (full name, SimplySleeper SS-SNG54Q Premium Queen Air Mattress), is 75 inches long by 62 inches wide, and stands 8.5 inches tall when fully inflated. That allows the use of standard queen sized sheets. It’s got a few features that set it apart from other mattresses, and help to justify its higher than average price, which was $149.99 at time of publication. First, it comes with a handy rechargeable pump. Once it’s fully charged, this small but powerful pump locks into place with a twist, and can inflate the bed in about two minutes. We didn’t experience any leakage, but the pump can stay in place in case you need to add more air. When it’s time to pack the mattress away, remove the pump, turn it around, and stick the opposite end back in. It now works as a vacuum to remove all the air, so the mattress fits easily in the bag again. Pretty slick. Despite being filled with air, it also manages to mimic a good coil spring mattress with its I-Beam coils, so it’s much more comfortable than a regular air mattress.

Of course, the only way to properly test it is to throw it down, blow it up, and start counting sheep. And that’s exactly what we did. After a bit of fine tuning to get it just right, we turned in for the night. As expected, the SimplySleeper provided a good night’s rest, far better than the typical camping mattress under a sleeping bag would have. Combine it with a sleeping bag for two, and you’ve got outdoor luxury. We like the fact that it’s extremely durable, has a comfy microfiber surface, is easy to set up and take down, and stores in its own bag. If you’re into car camping but don’t like roughing it, or have overnight guests once in a while, it’s certainly a great option. See all the different sizes and options at

– Brian (with assistance from a sleepy Mrs. Outsider)

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the SimplySleeper for free from SimplyGlobo, in consideration for review publication





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